Carl Barat and The Jackals at Scala

Carl Barat and the jackals

A couple of weeks back we went to London to see Carl Barat and the Jackals play at the Scala as part of the promotional tour for their first album Let It Reign.

They played songs from the album as well as some songs from his Dirty Pretty Things album and even a couple of Libertines ones, including my all time favourite Death on the Stairs.

The next night we went to see Palma Violets at the Chinnerys in Southend but I didn't get any pictures at the start and then I couldn't take any as people started standing up on the barrier and blocking everything, so here's one from dot's instagram:

A photo posted by Scott Pease (@dotcito) on


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Dresslink Wishlist

dresslink wishlist

At Dresslink they have so many products and they are very affordable, there is even a section where you can buy stuff for just $0.01! If you like what you see, head over to dresslink.com


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Not For Me: Palmer's Tinted Lip Balm

Palmer's Tinted Lip Balm
Palmer's Tinted Lip Balm

Being a lip balm fan I decided to get this on our last visit to Mexico as I was very interested in trying it. 

The Palmer's Tinted Lip Balm claims to be soothing and provide long lasting moisture, as well as protecting from the sun with its SPF 15 and leaving a subtle cherry tint on the lips. 

As it's quite affordable and provides so many benefits I just had to get it. Upon first application lips feel softened and look smooth, all with a tinted finish and delicious chocolate & cherry scent. 

It was all good until a few minutes later when my lips started stinging, and it was not a nice minty tingling like it happens intentionally with some products. Obviously I had to wipe it off as the sensation was not nice at all. 

Unfortunately this product doesn't agree with my skin, which is a shame as it sounded very promising. 

Find Palmer's Tinted Lip Balm on Superdug


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Trench Coat

gap trench coat
gap trench coat
Trench coat

Trench Coat: Gap // Jumper: American Apparel* // Jeans: Uniqlo // Loafers: Miss Selfridge
(Similar: Loafers)

It's been a bit sunny lately, which has gotten me excited thinking about updating my wardrobe for the spring and summer months. I'm on the lookout for a couple of tops, probably stripy, and a lighter wash of jeans, maybe even some shorts and sandals as well!


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Clearly Youthful Serum + Moisturiser

Clearly Youthful Serum + Moisturiser

Having oily skin can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if it means more spots and a shiny face (not nice). 

When I heard about Superdrug's Clearly Youthful range, I was quite interested as not being a teenager anymore means my skin's needs have changed, even though it's still oily and prone to spots. 

Seeing the range on offer, I decided to take advantage of it and picked up the SPF 15 Skin Balancing Moisturiser and the Hydrating Day Serum. 

The moisturiser claims to be lightweight, nourishing and hydrating. It contains salicylic acid, anti-shine cimicifuga and an anti-aging complex consisting of polyglycan and phytoprotein, soothing allantoin and moisturising sugar beet extract. Also mentions to provide a younger looking complexion, refine pores, control excess sebum and protect against further breakouts. 

The serum is an anti blemish and youth boosting solution containing the maximum permitted amount of salicylic acid, cimicifuga, lactic acid, phytoprotein, polyglycan and hyaluronic acid. It features a pump to dispense the product more easily and claims to do the same as the cream.

One of the main reasons I got these products was that they mention to be mattifying, which is something I definitely need. I started using the serum first and have noticed that it is indeed mattifying albeit not the most moisturising product out there. Recently started using the serum and the moisturiser combined and let me tell you that I was amazed by how less oily my skin looked after a good 8 hours.

Definitely give these two products a try if you suffer from extremely oily skin and don't want to spend a fortune on products to treat it, but do keep in mind that it's practically impossible to apply any foundation or concealer on top of the moisturiser as rubbing it in too much makes it peel off. 

Find the Clearly Youthful Cream, Serum and rest of the range in Superdrug (currently buy 1 get 1 free).


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Get £5 to spend on Vinted

get £5 to spend on vinted

Vinted is a free app/website where you can sell, buy and swap pre-loved clothes. You can list as many items as you want for free and make money selling the clothes you no longer want or wear. 

It's really easy to start selling your pre-loved items on Vinted, you only need to take a picture, describe your item, and price it. Shipping is not a problem either as the app will guide you to select the most appropriate one, so it's added to the price of your item when someone decides to buy it. 

Get £5 to spend on Vinted when you sign up through the app and use the code VLNS3P, or click here. And if you would like to have a look at the items I've got for sale, find them here

Happy shopping!


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Pink & Grey

pink coat
pink coat
pink coat

Coat: New Look // Jumper: H&M // Jeans: Uniqlo // Boots: Topshop
(Similar: Coat // Jumper // Boots)

Went to see Carl Barat & the Jackals on Wednesday. Good thing I had Thursday off as we got back around midnight. Expect a little post about Wednesday's concert soon.


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Platform Heels for Spring & Summer

With spring in full swing and the last couple of days looking surprisingly warm and sunny, it almost makes it feel like summer already. As the temperature changes, so should what you are wearing to make it weather appropriate. And to complete the look, of course a gorgeous pair of shoes.

At Shoespie they have a huge range of platform heels under $50 (http://www.shoespie.com/shop/Platform-Heels-Under-50-101408/5/) . There are endless design, colours and material combinations, but here are my preferred options from the website:

polka dot platformssilver lace platform shoes

The pair of platform heels on the left have a really fresh and spring-like feel to them thanks to the simplicity of the design and the use of white colour as a base. The playful polka dot pattern extends throughout the whole of the shoe with the exception of the heel, which is left white. It has a concealed platform that makes walking in these shoes more comfortable and the monochrome design will easily go with any everyday outfit. 

The platform shoes on the right have a lovely lace overlay fabric with a shimmery finish that glistens with the light, giving a gorgeous touch to your look. The platform is only half concealed this time as the style of these heels features a peep-toe to show off you pedicure while looking classy. The heels have a lovely silver metallic finish that matches the ankle strap that secures your shoes in place. I think this would be a great option for wedding shoes (be it the bride or guest). Though on Shoespie's website you can find many more wholesale platform heels (http://www.shoespie.com/shoesbox/Wholesale-Platform-Heels/).

Find more lovely shoes for every occasion on http://www.shoespie.com/


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The 70s Are Back!

the 70s are back in fashion

As you might have noticed, fashion always come back around and this time it’s the 70s turn to steal the spotlight. Many designers showcased their 70s inspired designs down the runway: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Cavalli are a few of the fashion houses that featured classic 70s details including pussybow blouses and dresses with gorgeous patterns; suede accessories, skirts and bottoms; platform boots, wide brimmed hats and of course bell bottoms. 

Even though haute couture might not be for everyone’s taste or budget, the High Street always takes inspiration from Fashion Week every season, meaning you can still get that chic 70s look without spending a fortune.

Where to start? You might want to go all out: full 70s look from head to toe; or you might be a bit wary and would want to take it slow or even think it would not suit you, but the truth is there is something out there for everyone. Like they say “less is more”, so opt for subtle details incorporated into your everyday outfit and embrace one of the most fabulous fashion decades. 

If you are feeling brave and ready to get out of your comfort zone or you are a fashion maverick I would recommend you go for the classic pussybow blouse with a print. This one from Somerset by Alice Temperley (1) features gorgeous feminine details like the bow tie neckline, puffed sleeves, subtly tapered cuffs and a lovely curved hemline. It can also be worn to school or work and transition easily to evening by simply adding a couple of accessories or swapping your shoes.

Speaking of shoes, why not take your outfit to the next level by adding a pair of platform shoes? Featuring a lovely neutral brown colour and a retro wooden platform design, these summery shoes from New Look (2) are an excellent way of elongating your legs and stylising your figure. Even though they are a bit high with at 4.5” the block heel and added platform make them more comfortable to walk in and the ankle strap keeps them securely in place.

And to complete the look, try a pair of bell bottom jeans! These jeans from the Topshop Moto range  (3) have a clean cut flare in a very flattering and slimming indigo wash, they’re made from 100% cotton so they are very comfortable and an excellent choice that will keep you fresh come the warmer months. With their floor-skimming length, no one will ever figure out that your lovely long looking legs are getting a little help from those super high heels you’re wearing.

If the sun decides to come out and the weather gets warm or you are lucky enough to go on a lovely sunny getaway on your next holiday, don’t forget to pack one of these. A trusty floppy hat that will keep you looking stylish while maintaining the harmful sun rays at bay. This one from the H&M Premium Quality (4) range is made of durable felted wool and is decorated with an imitation leather band. 

As you can see, it’s easy to get into the 70s trend and what better time to start after Spring cleaning your wardrobe?


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My First DSLR Camera

nikon d3200
nikon d3200
nikon d3200 sample picture

Too exciting to wait and put it in a New In post, so I just had to write about it: with the earnings from my blog I was able to buy a new DSLR camera!

Had been thinking about getting one for ages, doing a bit of research and hoping a good offer would come up on any of the websites I'd been stalking (currys, argos, tesco & jessops). Tesco was offering a free bag + memory card but doesn't accept paypal, so when browsing again on Maundy Thursday I discovered that Jessops were giving away a camera bag, UV filter, lens cleaning kit and screen protectors with the purchase of the Nikon D3200 + Kit Lens, plus it has free delivery on orders over £50 and accepts paypal which is why I couldn't pass it up. 

I'm thankful for my previous camera which helped me learn the basics of how to use manual mode but I was ready for an upgrade and I think it is a great investment. The Nikon D3200 is easy to use, takes amazing quality pictures with the kit lens and has better specifications than its Canon contender  (the 1200D model) such as bigger sensor, higher resolution photographs, more auto-focus points, self cleaning sensor, higher resolution screen, larger viewfinder, and higher maximum ISO with a better performance. 

The 3rd picture is the first one I took with my new camera as a test shot and I must say I was very impressed and pleased with it. Absolutely love my new camera and can't wait to take more pictures and share them with you!

Find the Nikon D3200 on Jessops, Argos, Tesco and Currys.


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Grey Sweatshirt

Grey Sweatshirt
uniqlo sweatshirt

Sweatshirt: Uniqlo // Shirt: H&M // Skinnies: Uniqlo // Loafers: Miss Selfridge
(Similar: Sweatshirt // Shirt // Loafers)

It's Friday! But after 2 weeks off it's gonna be hard going back to work ;(
Anyway, have a nice weekend everyone, do you have anything planned?


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Reading | Black Ice + Giveaway

black ice by becca fitzpatrick

Black Ice tells the story of Britt Pfeiffer, who is a girl that usually relies on the men in her life to come and rescue her whenever she is in trouble. On a holiday break, she convinces her best friend Korbie to come with her on a trekking trip in order to impress her ex-boyfriend. 

As they are on their way to Korbie's family cabin in the mountains, a snow storm leaves them stranded and they have to look for somewhere to stay until the storm has passed. When they find a cabin with 2 young men inside, they think they're in luck but are they really? One of the guys wasn't keen on letting them in the cabin and later we find out that they are actually stranded as well and looking for a way out of the mountains, where they are hiding for some reason they won't tell. There have been a few murders in the area recently, could they be the killers?

The girls realise this is serious and in order to stay alive Britt must guide them off the snowy and cold mountains. As tension builds, Britt has to find a way to escape while she hopes her ex-boyfriend will come in her rescue when he finds out they didn't make it to Korbie's cabin. 

A really entertaining and mysterious novel with many unexpected plot twists, Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick* makes a great holiday read. It's a book that I enjoyed reading but it did leave me with a couple of questions (spoilers in the next couple of lines) such as why Lauren and Jude had different last names, what happened to Bear, and why did Britt wait so long to contact Jude if she couldn't get over him?

Today you have the chance to win your own copy of Black Ice by Becca Fitzpatrick! (Though if you can't wait to read it you can buy Black Ice on Amazon).

To be elegible to win you must: 
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Terms and conditions: 
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InstaNatural Rose Water Face Toner

InstaNatural Rose Water Face Toner

Recently I received a full sized bottle of InstaNatural Rose Water Face Toner to try and review. 
This toner by InstaNatural is made out of 100% pure and natural Moroccan rose water only, no preservatives, chemicals or artificial fragrances are used. It's suitable for all skin types - normal, oily, dry and sensitive. 

Rose water calms and soothes skin by balancing its pH, preps skin for serums and moisturisers, and is meant to leave skin cleansed, toned and hydrated. It can also be used as a makeup remover, for aromatherapy, to soothe sunburns, as aftershave, in your bath, on your hair or as a subtle perfume. 

I've been using a mattifying toner lately as I have really oily skin, and noticed it started to make my skin feel a bit tight and dry, so I was looking forward to trying InstaNatural Rose Water Face Toner to see if it would make my skin feel any different. 

First of all I must say that it smells absolutely gorgeous, it has a really pure rose scent that's not overpowering or artificial at all, even though it's a different type of rose scent than what I'm used to, probably as it is made from Moroccan roses. 

After using it only a couple of times I did notice that my skin felt soft and smooth, and the tight and dry feeling was gone, as well as making my skin tone more even and less red after washing it. It also leaves a beautiful scent that lingers for a little while, which I love. Overall this is a really nice toner that I would recommend if you are looking to hydrate, soften and calm any redness on your skin. 

Find InstaNatural Rose Water Face Toner* on Amazon.


Wedding Dresses for 2015

Fashions come and go, but a classic wedding dress never goes out of style, which is why when you select your special dress try to make it one that will not look outdated when you find yourself looking back at your wedding pictures in a couple of years from now. 

With summer only a couple of months away, wedding season will be here soon so if you haven't made your final decision on what you will be wearing take a look at these beautiful dresses from Dressv.com 

  lace wedding dress satin wedding dress

Lace is one of the most feminine fabrics that I can think of, the delicate details are beautiful and add an interesting texture to any type of garment. This beautiful wedding dress is sleeveless with a sweetheart neckline. Framing the neckline is a delicate row of lace that gives the illusion of straps that go all the way down the back, framing the sheer panel section that covers the neckline and back area. This lace dress is almost completely fitted through the whole body and only starts to come out at the start of the legs, which gives it a lovely mermaid shape, which ends in a small train made from the lace fabric overlay that fully covers the dress.

The dress on the right features a gorgeous bateau neckline with short sleeves made out of a delicate sheer fabric that is framed at the hems with embellishment flowers. The bodice has a straight neckline that mirrors the one above, also embellished with flowers, and adds texture with ruching on the satin fabric. With an embellished sash that complements the hems, it shows off your waist, while the voluminous floor length skirt gives you an hourglass shape.

Find the latest wedding dresses for 2015 on DressV.com

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Get a Free Postcard with Postsnap


Postsnap is an app that allows you to create and send real photo cards from your iPhone or iPad. 
You can select from greeting cards, postcards and announcement cards, which are printed in high quality paper and can be send without the hassle of buying stamps or finding a postbox. 

You can use pictures from your own camera roll, Facebook or Instagram and you get the chance to tweak and enhance your photos to really show them off at their best. You can also add borders, text, write a personal message, use collages and even add a handwritten signature. 

If you would like to try it out, use the code INSPIRATIONSPOSTCARD at the checkout to redeem your free postcard! The code is valid until 30th April, so don't forget to redeem it as soon as you can.


Affordable Prom Dresses

With spring finally here, the days are getting brighter and warmer. And if you're a student this also means that prom is only a couple of months away and it's time to start looking into prom dress options. 

At Weddingshe there are over 900 discount prom dresses, and with so many options it will be hard to decide, so here are a couple of my favourites to help you out.

   pink prom dress  black prom dress
One thing's for sure: pastels are always in for spring and this pink dress on the left is a perfect option to wear to prom. Sure, it's a longer length, but if you live in a place where spring is not very warm then this dress will keep you toasty while you dance the night away. I like how it has a sweetheart neckline bodice with a sheer fabric over the shoulders to make sure everything stays in place. The skirt is long and flowy, which makes you look taller and will look great coupled with a pair of sparkly earrings to match the silver belt. 

However, if the weather is a bit hotter or you are feeling more daring, this black sexy number is a great choice. A little black dress is a fail safe option when you don't know what to wear. This gorgeous dress is fitted on top with a lovely dress appliqué on the bust area to add texture to an otherwise plain dress. The spaghetti straps make sure the dress won't slide around and frame your shoulders. The short skirt has a tulle layer underneath that makes it much more voluminous and flirty. Because of the simplicity of the dress, you could add lots of sparkly jewellery such as rings and bracelets and they wouldn't clash with the dress. 

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New in: March 2015

h&m cashmere jumper
orla kiely pencils
balance me face wash

I was looking for new skinny jeans and reading about the Uniqlo leggings trousers, I decided to give them a try when we went to Westfield a couple of weeks back. They're super comfortable and feel like a lightweight pair of jeans (similar to Topshop's Leigh jeans) they fit really well and are very affordable (under £15) the front pockets and button are fake so you do have to pull them up like you would leggings. 
Then in H&M I found a lovely faux fur cushion cover for £7, as well as a cashmere jumper that I got for free! The jumper was £25 down from £50, I had a £20 gift card plus a £5 off voucher and I just had to get it as I love the dusty pink colour and texture of it. 

Having £10 that were about to expire on my Debenham's beauty card, I had to spend them and I found this Burt's Bees best of tin and since it was reduced I only paid about £3 for the whole thing. 
In TKMaxx found this lovely pencil set by Orla Kiely reduced to £5 (was £10) and as a fan of all things stationery from a young age I couldn't pass this up, so they came home with me haha.
And in Savers (love that place) I found the Matte Perfecting Hydra Lotion from Sanctuary Spa for just £3 (normally £13.50).

Got the Avon Skin so Soft creamy body wash to try and a free Ren Keep Young & Beautiful serum sample and another sample, this one of Balance Me Pure Skin Face Wash, which came free with Glamour Magazine last month, I'd tried this face wash before and quite liked it so picked it up again.