Sjo Skin Happy Honey Oil Watercolour Illustration

Sjo Skin Happy Honey Oil Illustration
Sjo Skin Happy Honey Oil Illustration
Sjo Skin have are launching a new product tomorrow: a moisturising oil with healing, brightening and calming properties thanks to the use of arnebia root, propolis and rosehip oil. 

The gorgeous pink colour and minimal aesthetic inspired me to illustrate it in watercolour.



The Cutest Hair Clips For Spring

The Cutest Hair Clips For Spring: pearl, resin and word accessories

With spring finally here it's time to try out new hair styles and accessories. I've been seeing pearl and resin clips all over Instagram and I'm obsessed! Also from AW18 I kept seeing hair accessories with words on them at Ashley Williams and Gucci and they're finally making it to the high street for everyone to enjoy!

Will you be trying out this ultra feminine trend?



Natural World Coconut Oil

Natural World Coconut Oil

A couple of weeks ago I received the Natural World Coconut hair oil which claims to provide weightless hydration and shine and it's meant for dehydrated and dull-looking hair. 

This product is formulated with organic coconut, it's paraben free, vegan friendly, cruelty free and is produced in London, England. 

The Natural World Coconut Oil comes in a small 100ml plastic bottle with a screw cap and shampoo style dispenser, which can make it a bit messy (I would have preferred a pump or a dropper). Still, the product comes out slowly so if you are careful enough, you won't waste any oil. 

The main ingredients in the formula are silicones, which definitely help tame the hair as they smooth over each strand but if you are avoiding silicones then this product isn't for you. It also contains some argan oil and added fragrance. 

On the bottle inside mentions some extra uses that are not on the outer packaging, so besides using it on damp hair to replenish hydration, add shine and eliminate frizz, it says it can be used in the shower, before shampooing, or by mixing it with your conditioner; or also after blow drying. 

When I use it I apply a small amount to the palm of my hand, rub my hands together then smooth it over the lengths and ends of my hair while it's still damp. Sometimes I will apply a few drops after my hair has dried to smooth any frizz that I might still have. 

I like that it is locally manufactured and contains organic ingredients, and that it is effective in smoothing hair and reducing frizz while being lightweight plus it smells nice. I would have liked to see less use of silicones and maybe a stronger fragrance but that's just my personal preference. 

Overall it is an affordable product that works and I would recommend it if you are looking for a hair oil to combat frizz and add softness to your hair.

Find Natural World Coconut Oil in Tesco



In Paris

Notre Dame Paris

What happened yesterday was an unimaginable tragedy. An icon, the face of a city, hundreds of years of history, gone within a matter of hours. I was lucky enough to visit nearly 5 years ago. It's so sad to think that people won't be able to enjoy the inspiring beauty of the Notre Dame cathedral for years to come. 



How to Fly Like The Jet Set for Less

Holiday season is fast approaching and if you are planning to go anywhere in style you should know this: you could travel on a private jet to your destination without having to pay full price. Say what?

Yes, some private jet companies let you book discounted seats on "empty leg" flights, which means that when a plane is on it's way to pick up or return from dropping off the 'jet set', it usually flies without any passengers and sites such as Stratajet and 365 Aviation let you get on board. 

Or you can also be flown by hobbyist pilots on Wingly - some offer returns to the coast for half as much as a train would cost. 

Sounds perfect to celebrate a special occasion or just to treat yourself and feel like a rock star!



Arctic Monkeys Live

Arctic Monkeys Live Pa'l Norte Monterrey 2019

On Friday 22 March we went to the Pa'l Norte festival in my native city, Monterrey in Mexico. We saw Snow Patrol, Cafe Tacvba and Arctic Monkeys (who came on around 12:10 am). They were great, though the bass was a bit intense, hence the funky audio. I really enjoyed their performance and hopefully will see them live again soon. We had to leave a bit early to try and beat the crowds however we got a bit lost inside the park so that didn't really work out as expected. 

We had tickets for both Friday and Saturday but as we were going on a road trip to San Miguel de Allende on Sunday we decided to sell the tickets for Saturday and have a slow day instead.