When Skincare Isn't Enough: Beauty & Technology

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Beauty & Technology Combined
In some cases skincare isn't enough and sometimes we need a bit of extra help when it comes to looking after our skin and improving the way it looks and feels. 

At Firstman they have a wide range of product categories, such as home beauty, Anti Wrinkle Machine and beauty whitening.    

In the previously mentioned anti wrinkle category, there are a couple of items including the Rf Wrinkle Removal Machine, which uses ultrasonic technology in order to stimulate and tighten skin.

The home beauty instrument category has articles that are easy to use at home, such as eye massager, optical hair removal and a Black Head Removal and Pore Cleaning Instrument, which is a device that you can use on your skin to suck oil and blackheads out, as well as stimulating collagen production and helping get rid of dead skin, which in turn aids to better skincare product absorption. 

Have a look on the Firstman website to enquire more about each product.



Top 3 Facial SPF 50 Sunscreens Under £15

Top 3 Facial SPF 50 Sunscreens Under £15

As you might know, we're having a very intense and dry heat wave in the UK, and all this sunshine is making the small hyper-pigmentation patch I have on my face reappear and darken a bit, which isn't ideal as it seemed to be fading already. 

So one option to prevent this from happening again or getting worse is wearing a highly protecting sunscreen, which is why I've compiled my top 3 facial sunscreen wishlist, with all products being  SPF 50 and under £15.

What's your facial go-to sunscreen?



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