Minimal Makeup Routine

Minimal makeup routine

I've never been one to pile on the layers of makeup. My go-to items in high school consisted of translucent face powder thanks to my oily skin and lots of kohl eyeliner. Nowadays I still use face powder and eyeliner but in a more sophisticated way, at least that's what I like to think. So here is a list of the items I use on an almost daily basis:


It's a feature I like to accentuate so it's also where I use the most products: the grand amount of 3.
Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream: I like a natural look, so after applying some face cream with SPF around the eye area I use this to fade the look of dark circles. It doesn't get rid of them completely but my eyes look brighter and well rested. 
Eyeliner: I love the look of a cat eye liner. Been trying out a few different pen liners and am currently using the Bourjois Liner Feutre. It's easy to use, doesn't flake and it's very long lasting. 
Mascara: Only started wearing it every time I do my makeup for the last year or so, but I love the wide 60s look so I think my love for mascara is growing with every use. Currently using The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara, it adds volume and a bit of length and it's also quite long lasting. There is some smudging by the end of the day but then again I have really oily skin.


Never been a fan of foundation or using a lot of products on top of my skin, I just don't like the feel of it. Even though I was using a bb cream for the last couple of years (mixed a drop of it into my day cream for lighter coverage) I have reverted back to only using powder and it feels so good. I think my skin is loving it because it's looking better too. 
Powder: For evening out my skin tone I've been using The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals, it diminishes the look of marks and redness and it's lightweight and very natural looking. The only downside is that it's a bit on the glowy side - oh and that it's been discontinued.
Brush: It came in a holiday set that I found in the clearance section in Boots, I think I paid about £7 for them. It's quite soft, applies powder well and it's made of aluminium so it's very lightweight too. 


I do like to wear a bold lip every once in a while, but they can be very high maintenance - making sure it hasn't smudged, topping it up after eating or drinking and worrying it might be on you teeth. None of those worries come with a tinted lip balm.
Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter: It has a medium to thick consistency and it's very nourishing, making my lips feel soft and comforted. The hint of colour it gives is very natural but still makes you look more polished, plus it can be layered on for a stronger look. 

Minimal makeup routine


If I got a bit more time or I'm feeling fancy I'll use a few more products:

Lip liner: I like to line my lips slightly outside my natural lip line to make them look a bit bigger, that combined with the tinted lip balm gives a nice plumper lips look. This lip liner by Models Co is a nude colour that could also be worn on its own.

Primer: I'm not quite sure what the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm does but I apply a pea sized amount to the centre of my face/T-zone to make pores look smaller and hope my face won't look too shiny when I use it. Still testing this product. 

Brows: Sometimes brows just won't stay in place and that's when a brow gel comes in, this time it's the benefit's gimme brow that comes to the rescue. I like that it adds a bit of volume but doesn't look fake, so if there's a sparse area it can make it look fuller without having to draw anything with a pencil. It also keeps brows in place all day.

Face powder: To mattify after my mineral foundation I use the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder. It's also lightweight and you only need a tiny amount to get rid of any shine. It can also add a bit more coverage if needed when worn over a mineral foundation. 

Lip Tint: If I want to intensify the colour on my lips, while still being low maintenance, a lip tint is the answer. This one by The Body Shop adds a natural red tint and can be worn alone, but under a red tinted lip balm it looks almost like a lipstick, plus it won't go anywhere after your lip balm has faded. 

What are your makeup essentials?



Video: My Birthday Tea Party

Patisserie Valerie Afternoon Tea

Finally edited the clips from my birthday afternoon tea from last year in August.



Black High Low Dresses at Zaful

As spring is finally here and with it the warmer and sunnier weather, which means we can finally stop wearing so many layers and go out in a cute dress. At Zaful they have lots of black high low dress and high waist dress to choose from, and here are a couple of my favourite ones:

asymmetric shirt dress
tie dye maxi dress

As the weather can be a bit temperamental at the moment I think the dress on the left would be a great option if the day is a bit chilly as it has long sleeves to keep your arms cosy and warm. The asymmetric hem and tie waist details keep it trendy.

The dress on the right is for the more boho girl, I could definitely see girls wearing it at summer music festivals. I like the tie-dye wash and the a-line shape makes it comfortable to dance in, while the fitted waist keeps it from being shapeless.

What dress is your favourite?



New in: March 2017

Baby Lips Maybelline
H&M Wool Coat
Primark Lace Underwear
GAP White Shirt
Ikea Wooden Hangers
Ikea Raskog Trolley
Royal Mail Bowie Stamps
Avene Cleanance Cleanser
Sanex Aluminium Free Deodorant
H&M Viscose Blouse
Last month I'd been looking into getting a little succulent plant and my mother in law got me one, the best of all is that it doesn't require lots of care so hopefully will last me for years. Then from the reduced section in Tesco I got a Baby Lips in Strike a Rose and a Maybelline Super Stay Nail Polish.

With my Christmas gift card I got a camel coat from H&M and also a set of pink socks. From Primark a set of lace underwear, and from the Gap outlet, a white cotton shirt

Went to Ikea with Dot and got a set of Wooden Hangers and a couple of the Skirt Hangers, a laundry basket (not pictured) and a Trolley. Dot got me a framed set of Bowie stamps, and from Boots I got the Avene Cleanance Face Wash and a set of Feather Hair Clips

From the Poundshop I got the Sanex Aluminium Free Deodorant, Johnsons Baby Soap and a Nails Inc Nail File, and a set of socks from Lidl. 

And last but not least, a printed blouse from H&M, it was the 2nd time I ordered it as I had to return the first one I got because it was too big, so if you get this blouse, definitely size down.

Did you get anything nice last month?