Vaseline Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails Hand Cream

Vaseline Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails Hand Cream

I didn't really use a hand cream as part of my everyday skincare routine before, but recently the skin on the palms of my hands has been so (visibly) dry with rough skin and just not very appealing to the eye so I started getting into the world of hand creams slowly but surely.

Vaseline Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails Hand Cream claims to soften your hands, smooth cuticles ad strengthen nails by 50% thanks to a fast absorbing and non-greasy formula that combines keratin and multi-layer moisture, infusing moisture at the top, core and deep down layers of the skin.

The texture of this hand cream is light, so it absorbs very quickly, which I like. It smoothes out the roughness of my skin instantly, though I am not sure about the nail strengthening part as I didn't really suffer from weak nails in the first place. The scent is similar to that of public toilets' hand wash, not amazing but not awful either. 

This hand cream contains some great moisturising ingredients such as glycerin, collagen, retinol, sunflower oil, keratin and milk protein, but also uses mineral oils, silicones and parabens. It is quite affordable as I found it in the pound shop (though it's normally on offer elsewhere), so I would buy it again for everyday use.

Find Vaseline Healthy Hands & Stronger Nails Hand Cream in Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried this or other Vaseline hand creams?


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Reading | Withering Tights by Louise Rennison

withering tights louise rennison book review
withering tights louise rennison book review

This is the first book about the adventures of Tallulah Casey. In this book we learn how excited Tallulah is to start her summer course at drama college Dother Hall, in Yorkshire.

I started this series by reading the third book, so in this book all of the characters I read about before are formally introduced and described more in depth physically and emotionally. 
We learn why Tallulah is staying at the crazy Dobbins' house instead of the dorms of Dother Hall: her parents were late sending her documentss in; and we also find out how Lulah first meets Ruby (the local pub owner's little daughter) and her dog, Matilda (oh and Ruby's gorgeous older brother, Alex), how she meets her group of friends, redhead Vaisey, sweet Honey, tiny Jo and funny Flossie and how they got the name "The Tree Sisters" and how the Tree Sisters meet some friendly boys from nearby school Woolfe Academy.

This book talks you through Tallulah's first experiences getting to know boys (and first kiss as well). As the summer course comes to and end, the main term assignment will reveal if the girls will be able to stay in Dother Hall to continue pursuing their acting dreams. Tallulah loves it there, so of course she wants to stay, but will she? 

A fun, great book for teens that will leave you wanting to know what happened to Lullah and her friends next!

Find Louise Rennison's Withering Tights* in WHSmith.


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Beautiful skin for Spring

Skincare is something I always get excited about, so if I could choose a few items from Nuxe, these would be them:

1. Nuxe Body Fondant Firming Cream: this cream is firming but doubles as anti aging too, so it will help tone up just in time for spring and summer so you can show off your legs in cute dresses or in a bikini at the beach.

2. Love from Paris Huile Prodigieuse: after withstanding low temperatures and freezing wind skin can get really dry, so this will help to make it soft and nourished again (besides it can be used on face and hair as well).

3. Rêve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream: the skin on the palms of my hands has been so dry lately because of the weather and I just need a product that will get rid of all the dryness and restore my skin.

4. Rêve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick:  I love lip balms as they soothe and soften skin and make lips look plump and naturally beautiful. The stick presentation makes it so handy for traveling too.

5. Melting Cleansing Gel with Rose Petals: my skin type is oily, but it has also been feeling dehydrated thanks to the cold, so this would be excellent to cleanse my skin without drying it out.

Have you tried any of these products before?


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New in: January

These are the things I was lucky enough to find in the January sales last month!
Garnier tinted eye roll on, Lee Stafford Lightening Spray and Johnsons Body Oil, all from the clearance section from Boots, I got all 3 for just £3.50! 
Nivea skincare was a gift and I won the Freya lingerie set in a competition, the wool cardigan was from the H&M sale (after using a couple of vouchers I got it for just £6!), the knee high socks from H&M again, the heart shaped cushion is from Primark and the leather shoes are from the Topshop sale (only £5).
The Gingerbread diffuser was from Tesco, as well as all the makeup which I found in the clearance section (each bit was under £2, and some were just 50p), and the socks were from Tesco too.
The Calvin Klein Downtown gift set was on sale for about £16 but I got it for free with my Boots points.
The mini leather cross-body bag was just £7 from Topshop, the angora beanie from H&M (I think it was £1) and the Accessorize nail polish from Tesco (50p) all on sale ;D
Yes, I do love sales and competitions haha!

Did you manage to find amazing deals in the sales last month?



Food: Sponge cake with cocoa cream cheese icing

sponge cake cocoa cream cheese
sponge cake cocoa cream cheese

Today's my hubby's birthday so I made him a cake yesterday (and we had it today for breakfast). 
He chose a sponge cake but I wanted to add icing to it so I made some cocoa cream cheese combination and he liked it ;D

Here's the recipe for the cake:

Ingredients (serves 8-10)
175 g / 6 oz butter, at room temperature, plus extra for greasing
175 g / 6 oz caster sugar
3 eggs, beaten
175 g / 6 oz self-raising flour
pinch of salt

to serve
3 tbsp raspberry jam
1 tbsp caster or icing sugar

for the icing
200 g full fat cream cheese
3 tsp reduced fat cocoa powder
3 tsp sugar

1. Grease 2 x 20 cm / 8 inch round sponge cake tins and base-line with baking paper.
2. Beat the butter and sugar together in a mixing bowl using a wooden spoon or a hand-held mixer until the mixture is pale in colour and light and fluffy. Add the egg a little at a time, beating well after each addition.
3. Sift the flour and salt and carefully add to the mixture, folding it in with a metal spoon or spatula. Divide the mixture between the tins and smooth over with the spatula. Place them on the same shelf in the centre of a preheated oven, 180°/350°F/ Gas Mark 4, and bake for 25-30 minutes until well risen, golden brown and beginning to shrink from the sides of the tins.
4. Remove from the oven and let stand for 1 minute. Loosen the cakes from around the edge of the tins using a round-bladed knife. Turn the cakes out onto a clean tea towel, remove the paper and invert them onto a wire rack (this prevents the wire rack from marking the top of the cakes). When completely cool, sandwich together with the jam and sprinkle with the sugar. Or of you prefer the icing just blend the ingredients together and smooth over with a spatula or blunt knife. 
5. Enjoy!

Will you be making this cake?


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Laser teeth whitening at Dublin Vitality Center

For many years people have suffered with temporary teeth sensitivity after trying teeth whitening, which meant they couldn't enjoy hot or cold food as they used to, all because of the use of peroxide to whiten their teeth.

The sensitivity side effect normally lasts up to 48 hours, and while a simple analgesic would be all that's needed to get rid of the pain it would be best if teeth whitening didn't come with any pain at all.

The good news is that modern treatments can achieve the same or even better results without causing any sensitivity, even to people with sensitive teeth. 
Dublin Vitality Center (http://www.dublinvitalitycenter.com/laser-teeth-whitening-dublin.html) offer the new Zero Peroxide treatment at their clinic, carried out by a qualified dental nurse. 

The iBrite™ laser teeth whitening system used at the Dublin Vitality Center is the first patented treatment that uses a LED light and is certified by the FDA. This treatment helps you achieve a smile up to 12 shades lighter in just one hour with no pain or sensitivity, and no damage to the enamel since no peroxide is used. 

What this means is that there's no need to suffer in order to obtain the bright, white smile you always wanted!

If you would like to know more about this innovative laser teeth whitening procedure head over to http://www.laserteethwhiteningdublin.com/ and http://www.teethwhiteningindublin.ie/

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Have you tried teeth whitening procedures?



Win a lace dress with DresSale

I have a fabulous giveaway for you today - Dressale is giving away 12 lace dresses, think of it as a Valentine's day treat!
Dressale is an online fashion clothing store providing a wide range of high quality customer-made wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, special occasion dresses, shoes and other women's clothing. 

To enter you just need to follow these easy steps:
1. Be a follower of Inspirations Have I None via GFC and Bloglovin
2. Register at Dressale http://www.dressale.com
3. Like Dressale on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/dressale) or twitter (https://twitter.com/dressale )
4. Invite 5 of your Facebook friends to like DresSale.
5. Leave a comment on this post with your email address.
6. See more DresSale special offers here http://dress.cm/XxXehM and tell me on your comment what your favourite item is.

Terms & Conditions:
Giveaway ends 12/March/14
All the winners will be picked by Dressale and will be announced here http://www.dressale.com/free_trials.html

Good luck everyone!



Leather jacket & polka dot dress

Leather jacket: New Look (similar)
Angora jumper: H&M (similar)
Cotton shirt: New Look
Dress: Primark (similar)
Tights: Pretty Polly (similar)
Cutout boots: H&M (similar)

I started a new job last week, I was excited but scared at first but I am settling nicely now. It's as an English Tutor at a charity institution :)

Have you started a new job recently? 



Prom & Evening Dresses at TBDress

A type of dress that can be really flattering on many different body types is the mermaid or trumpet dress, named after its distinctive shape that is fitted from the top all the way to the hips and then flares out into a flowy skirt from the knees down. 
The dress on the left is a off-white, almost pastel pink colour, perfect for any events that you might have this spring or summer. A nice feature about this dress is that it has some ruching in the bust area to add more volume in case you want to cheat an hourglass figure. I also like that this dress can shape you in with the diagonal fabric wrapped around the waist area. Since this dress is very simple and elegant, don't be afraid to add some sparkle with some beautiful accessories.
The dress on the right will be a great option if you love a bit of colour. This purple piece will make your waist stand out with the embellished ribbon below the bust area, and you won't need to wear many accessories with this dress thanks to its sparkly decoration on the bust. Both dresses feature a sweetheart neckline and floor length skirts, but  thanks to their fitted shape they demonstrate that you don't need to show a lot skin to look sexy! For more mermaid prom dresses check out http://www.tbdress.com/Black-Mermaid-Prom-Dress/

If you don't feel comfortable wearing fitted dresses, you can still look amazing with one of these options, they are both floor length so they'll make you look super tall, and they aren't strapless, so you don't have to worry about them staying in place.
The dress on the left is a beautiful midnight blue shade, which is very flattering on pale skin and will also slim you down thanks to its dark colour. It will cinch your waist in with the ruched fabric belt and adds extra interest with the contrasting texture that covers the cleavage area and turns into wide straps at the back, making it look very elegant.
The dress on the right comes in a lovely burgundy shade that will look great on olive skin tones. The ruched upper half gives it a Grecian feel, while it's V-neck will elongate your upper half. The finishing touch is added with the band around the waist, to give you a nicer silhouette, and the little flower detail on the waistband, for added femininity. For more gorgeous luxury evening dresses click on http://www.tbdress.com/Luxury-Evening-Dresses/
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What dress is your favourite?



Valentines Gift Ideas 2014

valentines gift guide for her pink coat pastels 2014

valentines gift guide for him lomography marvel 2014

It's Valentine's Day on Friday next week, and here are a few ideas to surprise your other half:

For the girl's I found a cute little leather cross body bag, a pink longline coat, a set of nail polishes and a gorgeous face powder with puff, all in pastel colours and perfect for spring! I also added a perfume and a body skincare set for her to smell gorgeous!

For the boys I found a nice wool jacket (because it's still cold in February!), a modern watch, retro camera and vintage style DIY wind up car. And to smell great I found a cologne and fun comic skincare/wash bag set.

Have you got your Valentine's gift ready?



Sanctuary Spa Luxury Bath Float

sanctuary spa bath float
sanctuary spa bath float

Last Christmas I entered lots of competitions and was lucky enough to win Sanctuary Spa products. 
I got a box with bath and shower stuff and this was one of the things that came in it. I wasn't into taking baths at the time so I never actually started using it until now, and must say that it has set the bar high for future bath products I might try in the future!

The Sanctuary Spa Luxury Bath Float claims to create clouds of bubbles and leave your skin soft with the use of antioxidant vitamin E, hydrating freesia and moisturising baobab extracts, while filling your bathroom with a sensuous oriental fragrance. 

I used about a capful of the bath float for a half-full tub. At first it started bubbling a little bit but then the bubbles started fading, which left me a slightly disappointed. I am not sure if I didn't use enough bath float or what. However I could still feel that the product was in the bath water as I soaking, which was nice and relaxing.

After bathing my skin felt definitely clean without the need of rubbing or scrubbing and it was also soft to the touch, with a light fragrance too. Besides the bubble letdown, the experience was great and can't wait to use it again.

Find Sanctuary Spa Luxury Bath Float at Boots. (RRP £10 for 500ml)

Have you tried Sanctuary Spa products?