Polka dot dress

Sleeveless dress: Primark 
Shoes: New Look (similar)
Cardigan: H&M 
Earrings: New Look

This is my wedding guest outfit from last week. Only a day or two before the actual wedding I found a dress to wear. It was one of the first dresses that caught my eye as we walked in Primark, it was the only one of its kind around, my size and marked just £10, so I decided to try it on without much hope after my previous Primark dress disappointment. I quite liked it, the length, pleated skirt, colour and design so when I went to pay for it, it was an even nicer surprise to find out it was 50% off. Not bad for a last minute wedding guest emergency buy!



New in: July


L'Oreal Micellar Solution: Boots
Pj top: Primark
Garnier Body Tonic: Superdrug
Collection Shadow Pencils: Superdrug
Pearl Drops Overnight Serum: Boots
Cotton Shirt: H&M

Another month has been already! Where has the year gone? I don't want it to get cold again already sniff. I tried not to spend too much this past month so I can go crazy the next one (it's my birthday on the 12). I don't think I had been this excited for my birthday in years ha.

The L'Oreal micellar water was 1/3 off so I got it as a pre-cleanse and eye makeup remover backup.
As it started to get warm I realised that I ony had one short sleeve pj top, so I got that cute one from Primark.
My Cowshed slender cow body butter sample ran out so I needed a replacement and opted for the Garnier body tonic lotion that was on sale.
In my usual Superdrug exploring I discovered the new Collection eye shadow pencils and decided to get the brown one, I wanted the vanilla one as well but they didn't have it, however I found it on my latest shopping trip.
Always wanted to try some sort of teeth whitening product and found the Pearl Drops one on offer, we shall see if works.
Last but definitely not least, I found this cute H&M shirt in the sale for just £7 (the colour is a bit off on the first picture).
Ah how I love a good offer.

Did you have a nice weekend?



Printed skirt

Linen Top: Forever 21
Necklace: H&M (part of a set)
Printed skirt: Primark
Leather bag: Topshop
Shoes: H&M

It's been so warm in the UK recently that I even had the chance to wear my linen top!
My bag was a Christmas gift from a couple of years ago but I've seen a similar one in Primark recently, so you might be able to find it in the shops :)

I wanted to get a perfume gift set in the Debenhams sale today which I had spied last week but it seems to have sold out now. Should have got it when I saw it!

Is there anything in the shops that has caught your eye lately?



Plaid shirt

Shirt: Mossimo 
Skinny Jeans: Topshop
Creepers: Primark

My birthday is coming soon and I have this little wishlist of stuff I'd like to get, among them a leather jacket and some skincare (love skincare) and maybe some makeup.

Just went ouside for a minute and it smelt like chorizo haha. That's made me hungry and now I'm craving some quesadillas with chorizo, salsa and avocado :( But I want the corn tortillas and they are hard to get in the UK and last time I tried to make some they turned out too fat. Might have to order them online ;)

Do you like Mexican food?



Witch Mattifying Moisturiser

Having been 'blessed' with oily skin, I am always looking for products that will help control the dreaded oil and keep the shine off my face.
Trying to find mattifying moisturisers that provide more benefits to the skin than just making it look matte is quite hard, so I got a little bit excited when I found out about the new Witch Mattifying Moisturiser, because not only does it control shine but also has skin clearing properties, as well as SPF 15 (which is something quite rare for oily/combination products).

"Witch Mattifying Moisturiser is formulated with the following key ingredients:
  • Witch hazel extract: natural astringent, soothing and toning properties 
  • Tapioca Starch: to help mattify the skin 
  • Glycerin: to moisturise the skin 
  • Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter: to help soothe & moisturise the skin 
  • UVA & UVB filters: to provide SPF 15"

Witch products are currently on offer in Boots with 1/3 off, so I'll be taking advantage of this come the weekend. Witch Mattifying Moisturiser RRP £4.99 here.

Will you be trying this product?



Creepers and leopard print

Bomber Jacket: H&M 
Skinny Jeans: Topshop 
Jumper: H&M 
Creepers: Primark 
Shirt: H&M

Outfit form a couple of weeks ago, when it was still quite cold here in England.
Going to a wedding tomorrow, I'll be posting some pictures of that as well as my outfit in a couple of days.

Do you prefer dressing for colder or warmer weather?



Lace dress

Coat: H&M
Dress: New Look
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Gift
Headband: F&F (similar)

Wore this dress a couple of weeks ago when we were going to a wedding. The weather was fine but as it started to get late, it got colder so I'm glad I took my coat ;)

And speaking of weddings, this Saturday we are attending another one!
I think my favourite thing about weddings is that I get to dress up haha.

Are you attending any weddings this summer? If so, what do you plan on wearing?



Maybelline Baby Lips UK release

Having a browse in the Boots website (as you do) I found a notice saying that the Maybelline Baby Lips will be launching in the UK soon, so if you'd like to be one of the first to know when they do, you only need to sign up here.

Are you excited to try the Maybelline Baby Lips?



A Day in London

Top: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: H&M
Bag: Topshop

Today my husband and I went to London for the day. We've seen most of the sights in the city together but I hadn't been to Abbey Road, so we took the train and as we were walking down the street I thought that might be where we were heading (it was a surprise).
Of course I had to have my picture taken crossing the world famous road, so I did!
On the way back to the train station we saw some building with my name (almost) on them ha! Can you spot my hubby on the sign's reflection?

After that, it was lunch time and hubby really wanted to try Five Guys burgers and fries. We had to queue for about half an hour but it was worth it. Delicious bacon and cheesy goodness haha. I had the normal burger without knowing it was a double one, and even though I tried my best, I couldn't finish it. So if you go, get the mini burger, which is the normal one. Tried a couple of the plain chips/fries but they weren't amazing, don't know about the cajun ones though. And for drinks we were spoiled for choice, though hubby stayed faithful to his usual choice of coke, I tried the diet Dr. Pepper which didn't taste diet-y at all hmm...

After that we walked to Oxford Street and had a look in the shops, three different H&Ms, & other Stories (didn't love that one) and Primark, where I finally found the dress I had been hunting down since I saw it on Look Magazine a month or two ago.

After queuing for about 15 minutes I thought it would me my turn, but there was a hidden part of the queue going around the corner so we had to wait for about 15 more minutes. Finally tried the dress on and I didn't like the fit, it was too big and just weird which was a massive disappointment. So I went home empty handed, which only adds to the pressure of needing to get a dress for a wedding next weekend!

Have you ever had a shopping disappointment? 



What's in my travel skincare bag?

If you've been on holiday you know that it is always best to pack light and take the bare minimum products you might need while you are away (which also leaves more room to bring back any shopping you might have done!). Here are the products I took with me on holiday recently:

Olay Essentials Complete Care Day Fluid: This has been my daily moisturiser. I bought it on offer in Superdrug and chose the normal/oily version (there is also a sensitive one). I like that it has SPF 15 and that it is light and quickly absorbed, but for some reason it leaves like a sheen on my skin, which I don't love. Normally I will add about a pump of foundation and mix it together for a natural look.

Elemis Fresh Skin Loving Lips Quenching Lip Balm*: a great lip balm for dry lips with a minty smell and tingly feel on the lips. The only downside to it is that since its main ingredients are oils, it tends to turn very watery in warm climates. (Sample)

Boots Vitamin E Gentle Eye Cream: I bought this after using the Superdrug version, which I realized was a bit drying. This eye cream is not too thick nor leaves sparkly particles like the Superdrug one used to do. It's OK since it has SPF 15 (something not all eye creams have) but it's not amazing, so I would like to try other products when I finish this one.

Balance Me Daily Essentials Pure Skin Face Wash*: This is a good face wash that leaves skin feeling clean without the tight sensation. Read my full review on it here. (Sample)

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes*: Not my favourite way of removing makeup, but it is a great space saver and actually works. Review here(PR Sample)

Clearasil Ultra Night Serum: If you suffer from breakouts this is a great product to try. You can see a difference in blemish size and redness after using it for just one night. Recommended. Can't find it online but you might find it in Poundland.

Superdrug Simply Pure Spot Clearing Gel: It didn't do much for existing spots but it did help on preventing new ones. It has a really light, almost watery gel-like consistency and it's great for using under makeup.

Lubriderm Day Moisture SPF 15: It comes in a 400ml bottle but I decanted some into a travel container. Good moisturiser, non scented and sun protecting. I got it in Mexico before moving to England for about £2.50.

Cowshed Slender Cow Extra Firming Body Butter*: Really good product. Thick and moisturising, leaves skin feeling soft and it might have helped fading stretch marks. What I did notice was that my skin definitely felt firmer. Recommended. (Sample)

Olay Total Effects Advanced Anti Aging Body Wash: My mum gave me this travel size body wash that comes with a shower pouf. This product feels great on the skin and is amazingly moisturising. Recommended, although I don't think it is available in the UK.

Along Came Betty Headband: Good for keeping your hair out of the way when washing your face. Available in Tesco.

Simple Polka Dot Wash Bag: Waterproof and with enough room to carry my essentials. Gifted and part of a set. Similar here.

Do you have any products that you always take on holiday with you?



Lace Skater Dress


Skater Dress: H&M
Hat: Borrowed from my mum
Bag: H&M

A nice sunny and extra hot afternoon in Monterrey, Mexico on the last day of our holiday when we decided to go and see the giant flag usually visible from miles away. Except that day the flag wasn't on the pole, nor were the previous historic flags that line the way to the viewer. At least the view of the city didn't go anywhere!

Do you have a favourite type of dress you like to wear?



Linen top

Linen top: Forever 21
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Xhilaration
Necklace: H&M (part of a set)
Bag: H&M (similar)

An outfit of the day featuring the beautiful pyramid of Kukulkan in Chichen Itza. It is such an amazing place, I absolutely loved it and fully recommend visiting.

We went on a little holiday within our holiday and got treated by my parents to a trip to the Mayan Riviera, visited Playa del Carmen, went on a guided tour to Chichen Itza and also got to see the ruins in Tulum.

The weather was quite warm so I thought the sensible option for walking under the sun would be a lightweight linen top in a light colour, which I had acquired on an trip to the USA earlier that week.

Will you be going on holiday this summer?



New in: June

Creepers: Primark
Nivea Daily Essentials Day Cream: Superdrug
Clearasil Daily Clear Wash & Mask: Superdrug
Garnier Fructis Spray on Serum: Superdrug
Skirt: Primark
Simple Age Resisting Day Cream: Superdrug
Simple Age Resisting Night Cream: Superdrug
Makeup bag*
Ziggy Stardust CD: HMV
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain: Superdrug

Finally got my hands on some creepers, found them in the same Primark I had looked before, and it looked like they were the last ones.
Wanted to get backup day moisturiser and the Nivea one was on sale, also needed a new face wash/mask that isn't too drying and I think this one sounds promising.
The volumising mousse I won in a giveaway, and the mascara and makeup bag were free with Glamour and Company magazines respectively.
Got the Garnier spray on serum to try as it was on sale (yes I love sales).
On a day trip to Brighton I had a little look in the shops and couldn't find the Primark dress I was looking for, however I found that skirt that I am yet to wear. Also on that same trip I got the Simple day and night cream on a buy one get one free offer, to use until I can find a new serum.
Last but not least, got the Ziggy Stardust 40th anniversary edition album and the Revlon Balm Stain in Honey, which I can't make my mind up yet if I like it or not hmm...

Do you have any products that you would like to try?

Also, did you notice I changed the blog's design a little? Do you like it? 



ORLY Nail Polish in Lift The Veil

ORLY Nail Polish in Lift The Veil

ORLY Nail Polish in Lift The Veil

On our holiday to Mexico I decided I'd look for Orly polishes as they are more expensive here in the UK and remember seeing them around the $50 pesos mark back home (about £2.50).

Went into Sally Beauty in Monterrey and found the Orly polishes for just $40 pesos (around £2) absolute bargain!

I only got one though as I couldn't decide for any others, and opted for Lift the Veil, a pastel pink that is perfect for a subtle and feminine look and french manicures alike as it is so sheer.

As the name suggests, it would also be ideal for a bridal look, and I really like it - I've been obsessing over nude and pink nail polishes for a while now. In the pictures I'm wearing 3 coats and used the Seche Vite* top coat.

In the UK you can find Orly polishes for £5 in Boots.


PS. Last chance to enter for your chance to win a sterling silver charm necklace of your choice here.