Long time no post

ok, I apologize, to whoever reads this haha
but here's a new INSPIRATION for today:
Alison's shoes!
I just love her and her gold boots (: don't you?

The boots are Dior Homme

dior,dior homme,boots


I like you... and your clothes

I've always liked Peter Murphy's sense of style. He is the 'father' of Gothic, remember?
Take a look at his wardrobe choices:
peter murphy

Altough some pictures are a little (or a lot) old, he seems to me as he is constantly going for the formal look, which I love.
As I always will prefer shoes/boots over tennis shoes.


And remember kids: Do not brush your hair!

I used to brush my hair, iron it, blow dry it... I even dyed it a few times (purple and then black) only to realize that it damaged my hair so much.
Being my now usual laid back self, I don't even brush it, i just put some product on it after i wash it, and that's it, I leave it as it is until I wash it again, which is the only time ever I run my fingers through it to untangle it.

Keep this in mind, these people don't seem to care about how their hair looks, which makes them so much cooler:
kate moss,hair
alison vv mosshart


This remains a mystery

OK, here is the deal -
I really do not know what is so fantastic about floral tights:
floral t floral tightsThey are just not my style, but they seem so popular without me understanding why (I think they don't go well with anything). I have absolutely nothing against anyone who wears floral tights, just against the tights themselves.

Now THESE I happen to like:

Black tights: simple, classic and stylish.
Do you like floral tights?

xo Naville


You caught my eye

Some pieces of the new Kate Moss Topshop collection that I like:

dress1 dress1
sueter sueter
shirt short

I just love Kate Moss and everything about her. What do you think of her new collection? Let me know ;)

xo Nav


All right

I decided to start a new blog to write about whatever stuff, especially music, some of my works, and even about fashion, just about anything I find amusing for me (or any Inspiration, of which sometimes I lack).

This first post goes dedicated to my dearest Peter Doherty, whose new solo album I am listening to right now.

I really like the tracks Arcady and Last of the English Roses. I haven't heard it all but what I have heard sounds really good.

Cheers to my little Peter and his always fantastic hats.