i got this little dress
from target a couple of years ago haha

bag - asos
shoes - target
dress - target
cardigan - hot topic


colorful skirt

i love this pencil/mini skirt

not for the faint of heart haha

i'm a leo so i think it suits me perfectly because it's wild

i just hope it still is available when i go to England next month ♥



summer colours: nails

my picks for nail colours:

light pearly pinks, purples & blues

From Left to right:
Catch me in your net
What’s with the cattitude?
No room for the blues
Teal the cows come home

Lucky lucky lavander
Rumple’s Wiggin’
Do you lilac it?
Significant other color

Cozu-melted in the sun
Elephantastic pink
Wing it!
DS Reserve