Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2021 stationery

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, full of love, fun and prosperity. In some ways this year felt quite long and dull but looking back it also feels like it went by very quick (or is it just me?). Anyway, goodbye 2020 and may better things come your way!



Top 7 Winter Skincare Picks


Top 7 Winter Skincare Picks to combat dull, dry skin

With winter finally here the use of central heating and going out into the cold can wreak havoc on the skin, which is why on my wishlist is a series of calming, hydrating and brightening skincare products. Featuring vitamin C and hemp oil, these suggestions will help combat any dryness and dullness caused by the new season's weather changes. 

Will you be trying any of these products?



Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas Eve but I wanted to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas full of happiness and cheer. 

Sending you lots of love and strength in these uncertain times.



Last Minute Gift Ideas Under £30

*This is a sponsored post

Last Minute Gift Ideas Under £30

It's Christmas on Friday and even though we might not be meeting up with all our friends and family on this special day it doesn't mean we won't be thinking about them and that we can't treat them to a little something

If you didn't get the chance to finish your Christmas shopping or you got surprised by someone and want to give them something in return, then these options are for you, as they have next day delivery or you can order and collect the next day or even within 30 minutes so do check them out!

On to the gifts: there's an amazing value fruity fragrance duo with a 100 ml perfume and 250 ml body mist; a great option for sensitive skin (or just any skin type) is the Almond Milk & Honey body set; a stylish option that also keeps you warm in the form of a cosy bucket hat, a basic but hardworking skincare set and a cute mini fridge for your beauty items or just keeping drinks handy (it is also available in neutral white, grey and black).


PS. Have a look on CouponMeUp to find lots of discount codes for many popular retailers. 


Staedtler Rainbow 432 Ballpoint Pens

Staedtler Rainbow 432 Ballpoint Pens

Staedtler Rainbow 432 Ballpoint Pens

Staedtler Rainbow 432 Ballpoint Pens

As you know, I love stationery so I wanted to feature it more on the blog and this time I will be reviewing a pack of pens that I received as a gift a while back. 

The Staedtler 432 pens come in bright plastic semi-transparent barrels with matching coloured caps and silver branding on the side of the barrel. 

The pens are ballpoint and a medium thickness. The ink colour is actually much lighter than I expected on most of the pens as you can see in the picture, so if you like bold, intense colours these might not be for you. 

Also if you are using them for the first time or after some time it can be hard to get the ink to start flowing. Something else I noticed is that the silver logo on the barrel fades quite easily however that doesn't really bother me. 

There are a couple of colours I really liked, such as the purple, dark green and the red one (which actually looks more like a hot pink) which I would repurchase individually, but I probably wouldn't get the whole pack again.

Find the Staedtler Rainbow 432 Ballpoint Pens in Tesco and Ryman.


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Joggers & Leather

Joggers & Leather

Joggers & Leather

H&M Wool Jumper // Femme Luxe Joggers* // H&M Cut-out Boots // New Look Leather Jacket

At first I wasn't completely sure if I liked this outfit but it's growing on me. I wanted to take the base outfit from the first option on my last outfit post but toughen it up by swapping the shoes for some leather boots and top it all off with a leather jacket. Initially I thought that it was too harsh of a contrast between colours, which is why there isn't many pictures of this outfit as I wasn't sure I loved it, but now I don't think it's that bad. It would probably look even better if the bottoms were more fitted or the jacket was a little oversized but it's definitely not the worst combo out there ha.

Some news I forgot to mention in my previous post is that I gave myself another haircut last week. I cut off about 2 to 3 inches in length and it feels so much softer now.


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Christmas Cactus & Other News

Schlumbergera hybrid Christmas Cactus

Yesterday I got gifted a new plant: a Schlumbergera hybrid or Christmas Cactus. It has that name as it flowers during the winter. 

On other news I finished my latest watercolour painting, which you might have already seen in my Instagram stories. Also I hope to be styling a new outfit post soon (probably this week). Oh, and I made Master Ball tier in the Pokemon VGC last week within only 3 days and I'm around the top 1000 best players in the world for this month, which is the fastest and furthest I've ever been, yay! haha.


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2021 Bullet Journal Stationery Collection

Pastel Pink 2021 Bullet Journal Planner Stationery Collection with sticker pack.

A new year is almost upon us so I wanted to create a new stationery collection for 2021 that includes a bullet journal, planner stickers and a couple of accessories too. The 2021 Bullet Journal comes in hardcover and spiral notebook options and you can select the type of paper you want for it (blank, graph or ruled line). And there are 2 sticker packs available too, one for months and one for days of the week. I hope you like and find it useful!

Find the 2021 Bullet Journal Stationery Collection & Days of the Week sticker pack in my RedBubble shop.


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Stocking Filler Ideas Under £15

Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £15

Stocking Filler & Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under £15

Even if we are not meeting with our family members, friends or colleagues at work as often as we would like we can still show them how much we appreciate them with a little something that won't break the bank, with my Secret Santa / Stocking Filler Gift Guide with everything £15 and under!

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