3 Rose Scented Products To Take You Back To Summer

lierac lip balm, l'occitane rose hand cream, pacifica rose solid perfume

lierac lip balm, l'occitane rose hand cream, pacifica rose solid perfume

With the days getting shorter and colder, we can't avoid feeling nostalgic about the gone warmer days. However the comforting scent of rose can make you feel a bit closer to summer than winter. My current picks to take me back to summer are:

L'occitane Rose Hand Cream: with shea butter, coconut and sunflower oil, it moisturises without feeling greasy or sticky and the addition of rosa damascena and rosa centifolia flower oils gives it a subtle warm rose scent. 
Pacifica Rose Solid Perfume: this versatile perfume is made with organic soy and coconut wax, and features a blend of bulgarian rose, violet and myrrh. It's easy to apply and I don't mind that the warm scent isn't that long lasting, as I enjoy reapplying it throughout the day, but you could also layer it under other perfumes to create a personalised scent.

Lierac Hydragenist Pink Lip Balm: It has a buttery texture that melts onto the lips and makes them feel very soft and hydrated thanks to the rose wax and shea butter. It has a faint rose smell and leaves a slightly glossy finish that turns into a pink tint on the lips thanks to its pH technology. 

Have you tried any of these rose products?



Crop Top & Trainers

Crop Top & Trainers

Crop Top & Trainers

H&M Crop Top // Adidas Stan Smith // Wool Cardigan // H&M Jeans // Fabric Bag

This outfit might look quite similar to one of my recently posted outfits, but hey I was on holiday and that's when you have to get a bit creative and mix and match all the clothes you brought with you in order to have lots of space left in your suitcase to fill it up with gifts, souvenirs, and most importantly: delicacies that you won't find in your new country of residence.



The Inkey List Now Available At Boots

Affordable Skincare The Inkey List Now Available At Boots The Ordinary Dupe

So it's not only Superdrug surprising us with all these new affordable skincare launches (exhibit one and two)- they're also happening at Boots. 

They have released 16 The Inkey List products, divided in 4 categories according to your skin concerns: hydrated skin, younger looking skin, brighter looking skin and clearer skin.

With the slogan "quality ingredients made simple", they have specific hard-working formulations for different needs that won't break the bank. 

Above are the ones I'm most interested in trying: the skin renewing Retinol serum, the plumping Hyaluronic Acid serum, the tone smoothing Vitamin C serum, the unclogging BHA serum and the redness-reducing Snow Mushroom moisturiser

Will you be trying The Inkey List products?



New In: September 2019

Pandora Heart Hoop Earrings

Issey Miyake ROSE & ROSE


Primark Hair Scrunchie

H&M Mohair Jumper

Typo Stationery Set

Lixirskin Universal Balm

It was our wedding anniversary last month and Dot got me some heart hoop earrings from Pandora, the Issey Miyake ROSE & ROSE perfume and some flowers. 

From Primark I got a hair scrunchie for just 50p, and a L'oreal Botanicals Coriander Strength Potion from the Boots clearance, which was only £3.

Found a mohair jumper in the H&M sale and I got it for £12 (originally £40), and a stationery set from Typo sale, it was just £3 (I think ha!).

Four our anniversary we got a glass jar and colouring book from my in-laws and the last picture is a couple of free gifts that came with magazines: a benefit mini roller lash mascara and a lixirskin universal emulsion

Also last month I got a few skincare items from Superdrug, which I posted about here



Super Facialist Retinol+ Anti-Ageing Serum

Super Facialist Retinol+ Anti-Ageing Serum

A few months ago, Dot got me the Super Facialist Retinol+ Anti-Ageing Restoring Serum and I finally have used it enough to be able to write about it.

Thanks to the use of retinol, hyaluronic acid, white lupin seed extract, vitamin E, apricot and white tea extracts in the Super Facialist Retinol+ Serum, the skin regains firmness, elasticity and vitality, by targeting wrinkles, uneven skin tone and lack of radiance. 

Normally, after cleansing, I use just one pump and apply all over my face under my moisturiser at night. After using it continuously for several days in a row over the course of a few weeks I did notice that in the morning my skin looked more even in tone and texture, as well as more plump and felt softer. 

It is not irritating, easy to use and quite affordable compared to high end offerings, so I would recommend it if you are looking to get started on retinol.

Find Super Facialist Retinol+ Anti-Ageing Serum in Boots.



Affordable Skincare Brand Me+ Now At Superdrug

Affordable Skincare Brand Me+ Now At Superdrug

Superdrug keeps surprising us with so many new releases - first I saw it a couple of days ago on their Instagram, and last Saturday found the products already in store.

I'm talking about a new brand called Me+, with super affordable skincare products, all priced under £10. 

The collection is divided into groups designed to address different concerns: Moisturise, Pro-Age,  Exfoliate, Refine and Calming.

The products I'm most interested in trying are the Peptide BoosterNiacinamide & Zinc Booster and Lactic Acid (AHA) Booster. Pictured above are also the AHA Fruit Acid Booster and Acacia Collagen Booster

Find the Me+ skincare line in Superdrug.



How To Be Pretty: A 1940s Guide For High School Girls

This video was on my "recommended" videos on YouTube and I was curious to see if the tips given in here would be outdated but they were anything but that, they're actually really good general well-being, lifestyle tips and I thought I'd share it here as they are still current. Let me know what you think!



Superdrug's New Affordable Retinol Range Under £15

Superdrug's New Affordable Retinol Range Under £15

Recently Superdrug have launched a new Optimum range featuring the anti ageing gold standard skincare ingredient retinol. The range consists of 5 products, including a serum, night cream, eye creambooster drops,  and day cream

Every product is priced under £15, and contains up to 0.4% retinyl palmitate and up to 2% encapsulated retinyl palmitate, plus extra ingredients to help minimise irritation and help restore barrier function such as tulsi and lady's mantle. 

I think that for the price (especially with the current BOGOF and free gift offers) they are worth trying out if you are looking to smooth out skin tone and texture.

Find the new Optimum Retinol Range in Superdrug.

Will you be trying any of these products out?