Moon Calendar

Moon Calendar

This year I've been using 2 agendas or planners. I asked for this moon calendar one when we were shopping in Lidl. I like that it has horoscopes for every single day of the year, plus the moon phases for each day as well. It also features a notes section and another one for contacts, a brief explanation on the moon phases and signs plus some stickers (!). What I don't love about it is that there is not a lot of space to write on so I decided to keep this one for tracking anything to do with my cycle, including any moods and symptoms. 

Do you use planners?



Dresslily Haul & Discount Code

A mini haul with some items I received from Dresslily. I picked a bumbag* in a coral pink corduroy, which is very trendy and adds a bit of colour to any outfit, plus it's very practical as it is hands free. I also got a peach pin* that I can use to decorate bags or jackets. And last but not least, a roomy carry on bag* that slots onto the handles of a wheel suitcase perfectly. It fits about 3 jumpers or sweatshirts, plus there's room for a couple of t-shirts in there too, and it has a zip compartment and 2 mesh pockets for extra storage. 

Check out the new arrivals on Dresslily and use the code DLAnniversary for 12% off. 

(Items marked with a * are gifted)


A Stationery Story

Pink Iridescent Stationery

Pink Iridescent Stationery

Pink Iridescent Stationery

Ever since I was very young I've been interested in stationery, collecting all sorts of notebooks, pens and erasers and more recently I've been into sticky notes and even stickers. Anyway, here is a selection of all of my iridescent pink items - top: Bear notebook (part of a set, from Tesco), middle: A6 Sketchbook from The Works, bottom: ban.do 2019 planner dupe. 

Do you like stationery?



New in: February 2019

aromatherapy associates mattifying moisturiser

Zebra metallic gel pens

Lidl stationery

The Works Stationery

Last month I got a bit carried away buying stationery, including an Aliexpress haul for which I still have about a month of waiting time left, but in the meantime here's what I got last month besides my Valentine's gifts from Dot.  

A Dr Pawpaw peach lip balm from TKMaxx for £3, an Aromatherapy Associates Mattifying Moisturiser for £2 at Poundstretcher. A set of metallic Zebra pens from poundland for just £1.

From Lidl, a reusable glass bottle and a set of kitchen themed sticky notes. And last but not least, a £2 pink iridescent sketchbook and a watercolour paper pad for £3, both from from The Works. 



Skincare Ingredients – Which Ones are Really Beneficial?

*This is a sponsored post
Skincare Ingredients – Which Ones are Really Beneficial?

Have you ever tried reading ingredients on the back of skincare products? They’re often confusing; which means we end up relying on the marketing spiel when choosing which one to buy. Here’s a quick, easy explanation of what the key beneficial ingredients are.

Which skincare ingredients are best?


Retinol comes from vitamin A. It features in a lot of anti-ageing products because it reduces mottled marks, wrinkles and fine lines. It also boosts hydration levels – so it’s a great ingredient to cash in on.

Hyaluronic acid

Despite the alarming name, this ingredient is an excellent one to have in your skincare products. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, but it depletes as we get older; which is a shame, as it’s
great for adding plumpness and softness to the skin.

Vitamin C

The sunshine vitamin is one to look out for in skincare products. It protects against pollutants, sun exposure and free radicals, which, over time, means your skin will look healthier and less damaged.

Benzoyl peroxide

Let’s be real – we all get spots from time to time. If you’ve got skin that’s prone to breakouts, a product with benzoyl peroxide might be of benefit. It kills off the bacteria and people usually notice an improvement in a few days. Watch out, though – it can dry the skin out.

Vitamin B3

Sometimes listed on the ingredients as niacinamide, this vitamin is great for reducing inflammation and evening out the skin tone. It can also lighten dark areas and improve natural elasticity.

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is an amazing exfoliator, which dislodges dead skin, making your face look fresher and more ‘awake’. It can have a drying effect though, so it needs to be teamed with a natural moisturiser.

What about the flavours?

A scent can make a skincare product feel luxurious or invigorating. Coconut and shea butter are great  or a bit of indulgence (or if you’ve got a sweet tooth, chocolate is also an option!). 

Some scented ingredients are great for enhancing mood. For example, floral flavours like rose and  lavender are good for night-time skincare products, as they’re relaxing and slightly indulgent. Alternatively, look for something with citrus or spice in it for first thing in the morning; it’s the ultimate wake-me-up!

If you’re not sure which sort of fragrance to choose, look to perfumes to give you a clue. Copycat Fragrances is a good place to start.