Greetings From Mexico

Greetings from Mexico

We are in Monterrey visiting my family and getting some sun. Pictured: a gift from Dot, a new plant.
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Cute Blouses at Rosegal

With summer's sunny days and high temperatures, sometimes all you want is stay in the shade with a nice refreshing drink. But if you must go out in the heat, consider wearing light colours. White is an excellent choice when it comes to summer dressing, as it reflects sun light and keeps you considerably fresher than if you wear dark colours. Here are a couple of my favourite white blouses from Rosegal:

       Rosegal blouse    Rosegal blouse

The blouse on the left is super trendy and wouldn't look out of place at a summer festival. I love that it's very floaty and looks so comfortable. The off the shoulder detail is super trendy and will keep you feeling cool .

The shirt on the right is also, you guessed it, white. I think a shirt like this is such a staple in any wardrobe as you can wear it to practically any occasion, be it formal or casual.

Now for the fun part - a special discount code for you! Do you want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here? Summer sales ongoing, all from 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off! Time for a new outfit!

Rosegal sale

Happy shopping!



Maybelline Baby Lips in Strike a Rose

Maybelline Baby Lips in Strike a Rose
I'm a big fan of tinted lip balms, and a while back I found this baby (no pun intended) in the beauty clearance section in Tesco, so I picked it up. 

The Maybelline Baby Lips are almost a classic in the world of tinted lip balms - when they came out in the USA, everyone went crazy and couldn't wait to get their hands on them in the UK as there was a lot of hype around them. 

As the name suggest, they intend to leave the skin on your lips baby soft, thanks to the use of natural moisturisers such as shea butter. 

I couldn't wait to try it and in terms of moisturising, it did not disappoint - my lips felt soft and nourished, no more dry skin; however, in terms of the colour I just didn't think it suited me and for that reason I wouldn't repurchase, but if you are a fan of neon pinks then you should probably give it a try.

Find Maybelline Baby Lips in Strike a Rose in Superdrug and Boots.

Have you tried Maybelline Baby Lips?



7 Free Image Hosting Sites


With the unnameable website that last weekend decided to start charging an extortionate amount of hundreds of dollars a year for 3rd party image hosting, a lot of blogs and websites have had to look for a new place to host their pictures. Here are a few alternatives: