Grey Dress & Pink Sweatshirt

Grey Dress & Pink Sweatshirt
Grey Dress & Pink Sweatshirt
Grey Dress & Pink Sweatshirt
Topshop pink sweatshirt
Grey Dress & Pink Sweatshirt
H&M Grey Dress // Topshop Pink Sweatshirt // Adidas Stan Smith

Haven't been asked to work much for the past few weeks, which is a bit disappointing. I've been looking for a new job, somewhere I can learn new things. I feel I've finished learning all that I would be able to where I've been working. I need a new challenge and am excited to see what the future brings.



Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Moisturiser

Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Moisturiser

For this past summer I wanted a lightweight moisturiser with SPF to protect my skin, but having oily skin this can be a bit of a problem sometimes as creams with sun protection are often heavy. 

When the new Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Moisturiser came out I asked on Garnier's instagram account if it had a lotion texture or if it was more like a cream. They replied and said that it was more akin to a lotion, so when it finally saw the product in store I decided to get it. 

Garnier 3 in 1 Moisture Bomb Day Cream claims to have an ultra light texture which melts immediately on contact with skin and hydrates perfectly all day long without a greasy or sticky effect. It includes plant serum and UV protection to hydrate and protect skin.

Upon first try of Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Moisturiser I was very pleasantly surprised as it is indeed a very lightweight lotion. I like the scent (it smells like papaya), it absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or looking shiny. The only downside is that the SPF is only 10, whereas on most day creams it is at least 15 but it doesn't really bother me that much, so I would definitely buy this product again.

Find Garnier Moisture Bomb Day Moisturiser in Superdrug and Boots.

Have you tried it?



Denim Jacket & Choker

Denim jacket & choker
Denim jacket & choker
Denim jacket & choker
denim jacket & new balance 420
H&M Denim Jacket // Uniqlo Sweatshirt // New Balance 420 // Uniqlo Jeggings // Heaven Choker

This Saturday I have to attend a first aid course in the morning, it lasts 6 hours and that's just the first half of it, in 2 weeks I'll have to go again to complete it. That means I'm going to miss out on shopping, or rather window shopping as I'm kind of broke at the moment ha.



The Skincare Ingredients You Need To Know About

The Skincare Ingredients You Need To Know About

Because I'm kind of obsessed with skincare and always want to try something that will help me improve the look of my skin, I've learned a couple of things about the ingredients they use and how they can make your skin feel and look better.

Great for: Evening out skin tone and minimising the look of pores by increasing collagen levels.

Great for: Reducing the appearance of fine lines and hyperpigmentation by speeding up cell turnover. Can increase sun sensitivity so wearing SPF the following morning is a must.

Hyaluronic Acid
Great for: Helps maintain skin's elasticity and strength by retaining water, in turn making skin look soft and hydrated.

Glycolic Acid
Great for: Refining the look of skin by getting rid of dead skin cells as it encourages cell renewal. As with retinol, follow up with sun protection.

Salicylic Acid
Great for: Prevents spots and blemishes as it stops pores from getting blocked by gently exfoliating the skin.

Have you tried any of these skincare ingredients?



Enjoy the Last Days of Summer with Inflatable Zone

Summer is unfortunately coming to an end in the northern hemisphere, but fear not as we still have a little bit of time left of mild weather and some sunny days.

And to take advantage of the last days of summer you could definitely try some aquatic fun! And why not enhance your aquatic fun with one of the many options offered by Inflatable Zone?

Inflatable Zone was established in 2008 that specialises in big inflatable products such as Bubble Soccer, and water games like inflatable trampolines, slides and bouncers. They have a wide range of products, suited for the whole family and every age, which can be used in lakes, water parks, pools or the sea. 


Two really fun products available at Inflatable Zone are shown above. The product on the left is one of their inflatable trampoline for water use in the blue and white design. The trampoline is 3 meters in diameter so there's enough room for a group of people to sit down and enjoy of the water without getting wet, or for a couple of people to jump around and enjoy bouncing over the water. There is also the possibility of having your logo printed on to personalise it as a gift or if you are a company and want to use the inflatable water trampoline for corporate events and parties. 

At Inflatable Zone they have products that are also suited for land use, the product on the right is one of them and it's this Thomas The Tank Engine inflatable castle. With its classic character motif and a size of 5 x 4 x 3 meters, it is a great option for a children's party, park, school or fun fair event. The inflatable castle has a roofed area on the front half and a slide at the back, which makes this design very versatile and will save you from having to rent or buy two different bouncy castles. 

Those are only a couple of the products offered at Inflatable Zone, there are also many other land and water products like inflatable pool for kids and adults alike, arenas, tents and zorbing balls, so be sure to check them out.

Hope you enjoy the last few days of summer having some fun in the last days of sun!

This is a sponsored post. 



Ringer Tee Shirt

Forever 21 ringer tee
Forever 21 ringer tee
Forever 21 ringer tee
Forever 21 ringer tee
Forever 21 ringer tee

Got this ringer tee at Forever 21 in Monterrey and I really love the retro feel to it. Styling it with a button up denim a-line skirt and white trainers gives it an even more retro look, and reminds me of something the kids in Stranger Things would wear. 
Tomorrow is Mexican Independence Day, and not 5th of May as some would believe ha. Viva Mexico! And it's delicious food - already missing it even though it hasn't even been 2 weeks that we got back.



Discover a New Hobbie with Buy Bubble Football

Bubble Football Suits

Everybody knows about football, and a lot of people consider themselves a fan. But have you ever heard about bubble football? 

Bubble Football is pretty much the same premise as your normal game of football soccer, only in this version of the game, the players have to wear a special inflatable bubble suit in the shape of a sphere while chasing the ball around the field, and direct the giant inflatable football towards the also buy inflatable soccer goal by making it bounce off their suits, in order to score. 

Sounds fun, right? Let me tell you a bit more about the available accessories for a game of bubble football available at BuyBubbleFootball.com

Bubble football suit Bubble football

Let's start with the most basic item you will need in order to play: the inflatable bubble suit. At BuyBubbleFootball.com you can find them in different sizes, colours and even sets to cover all of your needs. They have blue, red, green and clear suits, and they come in 1.2, 1.5 and 1.7 meters in diameter (the 1.2 being best suited for children over 7 years of age). There are also sets of 10 suits available in clear, or colour coded so you can easily identify your team. Each ball comes with a carrying bag and a repair kit, so you can make the most out of your products and look after them more easily.

At BuyBubbleFootball there are also the necessary inflatable soccer balls for sale. With a generous 0.7 meters in diameter, this football will be easier to control than a traditional one. It comes in the classic black and white print, though you can also have your company, team or name logo printed on it (and on any of the other available products on the website) for free.

You will also be able to purchase other inflatables and bubble football accessories on the website such as the inflatable soccer goal, air pumps, air tracks, air blowers, water walking or zorbing balls, carrying bags, camping beds, and even an inflatable soccer arena (which comes with goals included).

If you always desired trying out something new, bubble football could be a great opportunity to have some healthy fun with your family and friends.

Have you ever played bubble football?


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New In: August 2016

forever 21 h&m 80s t shirt
Sticky notes
Primark hedgehog pjs
Polka dot makeup bag
Birthday balloon
H&M grey wool coat
New balance 420 black leather
Primark mermaid summer pjs
Dunlop trolley luggage bag suitcase
H&M mustard top
Pedro Paramo
H&M black bralette
Black chokers
Eraseable gel pen
Mexican sweets tamborines puplarindo
Navy scarf joe boxer socks
Mexican doll

Galatea leather loafers
Love heart cushions

Last month it was my birthday, plus we went to visit my family in Mexico, so I received some gifts and treated myself too which is why there's a lot of stuff on this edition of New in.

For my birthday Dot got me a leather bounded Alice in Wonderland book, hedgehog pjs, sticky notes and tiny hedgehogs that you place on the border of your glass as decorations. From the in-laws I received a set of socks, keyring, pens and makeup bags, as well as some souvenirs from their trip to Blackpool. From my in-laws and nieces I got some money in my birthday cards which I used, along with a £5 H&M voucher, to get this grey wool coat

As a treat for myself I ordered these New Balance 420 trainers in black leather. I also needed another pair of summery pjs to take to Mexico and a new trolley suitcase. For my birthday my mum got me a couple of tops from H&M. 

On our first day out shopping in Monterrey, Dot got me Pedro Paramo, which I've since started reading. We also paid a visit to the city's first H&M store, where I got a bralette and a contrast piping grey T shirt, then another ringer t shirt from Forever 21. I also got 2 layered chokers and Dot got me a set of tattoo style chokers.

My dad got me some spicy sweets, a couple of pens and some powdered iced tea and tamarind drinks (not pictured). Dot got me a new cover for my iPod. My mum gave me a set of socks, a scarf and a set of heart decorative cushions. And I bought myself a pair of leather loafers and a Mexican doll when we were in Guanajuato.



Dress & Choker

Skater Dress & choker
Skater dress & choker
Skater dress & choker
Skater dress & choker
Skater dress & choker

H&M Skater Dress // American Apparel Sweatshirt // Fresa/Magenta Choker // Adidas Stan Smith // Primark Denim Backpack

Lately I've been very into the 80s and 90s trends with the dresses and sneakers and of course, accessorising with chokers. On our trip to Mexico I bought a pair of chokers, including this one and Dot got me a couple more of the classic 'tattoo style' ones. The sun was shining so bright that day I couldn't even look up to the lens for the pictures, hence the weird poses and faces haha.



Back From Mexico

Frida Kahlo

The last couple of weeks we went to Mexico to visit my family. We went to San Miguel de Allende, and Guanajuato, GTO. We also visited the first H&M in the city of Monterrey and went to the cinema about 10 times haha.



Pink T-Shirt

H&M Pink T-Shirt
H&M Pink T Shirt
H&M Pink T Shirt
H&M Pink T Shirt
H&M Pink T Shirt // Topshop Leather Loafers // H&M Ripped Shorts
(Similar: Pointed Loafers)

Since I became a fan of pink a couple of years ago, I've started to build a little collection of pink items in my wardrobe (when in high school I wouldn't be caught dead wearing pink and now look at me). This t-shirt is a very faint dusty, almost lilac pink with one pocket in a very flowy fabric, which makes it great for summer. Also, it was the first time I wore it that day and of course I spilled food on it ha.