Enjoy the Last Days of Summer with Inflatable Zone

Summer is unfortunately coming to an end in the northern hemisphere, but fear not as we still have a little bit of time left of mild weather and some sunny days.

And to take advantage of the last days of summer you could definitely try some aquatic fun! And why not enhance your aquatic fun with one of the many options offered by Inflatable Zone?

Inflatable Zone was established in 2008 that specialises in big inflatable products such as Bubble Soccer, and water games like inflatable trampolines, slides and bouncers. They have a wide range of products, suited for the whole family and every age, which can be used in lakes, water parks, pools or the sea. 


Two really fun products available at Inflatable Zone are shown above. The product on the left is one of their inflatable trampoline for water use in the blue and white design. The trampoline is 3 meters in diameter so there's enough room for a group of people to sit down and enjoy of the water without getting wet, or for a couple of people to jump around and enjoy bouncing over the water. There is also the possibility of having your logo printed on to personalise it as a gift or if you are a company and want to use the inflatable water trampoline for corporate events and parties. 

At Inflatable Zone they have products that are also suited for land use, the product on the right is one of them and it's this Thomas The Tank Engine inflatable castle. With its classic character motif and a size of 5 x 4 x 3 meters, it is a great option for a children's party, park, school or fun fair event. The inflatable castle has a roofed area on the front half and a slide at the back, which makes this design very versatile and will save you from having to rent or buy two different bouncy castles. 

Those are only a couple of the products offered at Inflatable Zone, there are also many other land and water products like inflatable pool for kids and adults alike, arenas, tents and zorbing balls, so be sure to check them out.

Hope you enjoy the last few days of summer having some fun in the last days of sun!

This is a sponsored post. 


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