Miniso Green Tea Moisturising Serum

Miniso Green Tea Moisturising Serum

First of all, the packaging is really cute. I love the sturdy frosted glass bottle and the wooden look of the dropper. Also the card tag wrapped around the neck of the bottle, combined with the colours of the packaging make it very visually appealing.

To get the product out, you twist the top of the dropper to the open position then push down, following that you can then take the dropper out of the bottle and dispense the product onto your hands. Unfortunately the dropper can be a bit moody and sometimes not enough product gets into the glass tube.

On to the actual product inside the bottle: this Miniso Green Tea Moisturising Serum is enriched with green tea essence and promises to deeply moisturise and hydrate skin, boost radiance, clarify and even skin tone.

The ingredients include Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Arbutin, Tea Tree Oil, Tranexamic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Glycerin and Green Tea Seed Oil. These ingredients are helpful in hydrating and calming skin as well as diminishing dark spots.

My use of this serum has been sporadic at times so haven't noticed much of a difference, however the light consistency/fast absorption and reassurance in the ingredients' properties will see me using it until the last drop. That and the extremely affordable price of $79 MXN means I will definitely repurchase (probably even stock up) when I visit Mexico again soon.

Have you tried this serum?


PS. If you're intrigued about Green Tea in skincare read more about it on my previous post. 

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