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Sainsbury's My Hair Matters Smooth & Shine Conditioner review

Yesterday we went to do our weekly shop amidst the supermarket crisis, and in need of a new shampoo and conditioner I picked up the My Hair Matters Smooth & Shine Conditioner by Sainsbury's. 

It was one of the Herbal Essences conditioners that I actually had my eye on, however it was nowhere to be seen, so decided on the Sainsbury's option which I was also considering. 

The My Hair Matters Smooth & Shine Conditioner is infused with cashmere and offers frizz control and a shine boost. On the back it also mentions that it's a moisturising conditioner for dull and unruly hair, and has pro vitamin B5 and cashmere to help hydrate hair and control frizz, leaving hair that "looks shiny and feels silky smooth". 

The packaging is kept quite simple, with a copper toned bottle and a shiny rose gold accent on the front. The purple on the text and lid provide a nice contrast. 

I used it this morning and I wouldn't be writing about it within only one use if I wasn't actually impressed. Only noticing the "cashmere" bit after getting home, decided to look it up in the ingredients and turns out it is the Hydrolized Keratin, it also contains Hydrolized Wheat Protein, and of course, Panthenol or Vitamin B5.

As I was rinsing it off I was very surprised at how soft and smooth my hair was feeling, and as the day went on I realised that indeed frizz was kept to a minimum after my usual leave in conditioner and heat protecting spray I use for blow drying.

The only thing that I'm not sure about is the moisture claim, however I did start using a new shampoo today as well. And the smell is not very sophisticated but that is to be expected from a £1.50 conditioner.

The only other hair conditioner with cashmere keratin I could find was the 3 More Inches one, which also includes Panthenol and Hydrolized Wheat Protein, but retails at £54.50 for 1 litre, or there is also a mini 75 ml version for £8. However, if you want to save some money then I recommend you try the Sainsbury's offering as it is only £1.50 for 400 ml.

Will you trying this product?


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