Green Tea in Skincare

the benefits of green tea in skincare

Green tea might make a nice alternative to coffee for your morning drink, but did you know how it can benefit your skin when applied topically?

Green tea has antioxidants that can have a positive impact on your skin in more ways than one:
  1. It can fight acne: green tea has anti bacterial properties, so it fights acne-causing bacteria, plus it is an anti inflammatory, which has skin-soothing and redness-reducing properties. It also reduces DHT (dihydrotesosterone) levels, which means less hormonal breakouts.

  2. It's great against inflammation: the polyphenols or anti-oxidants in green tea can, as mentioned above, calm down skin inflammation, which makes it an ideal ingredient to try if you suffer from rosacea, sensitive skin or acne. It can also be used to reduce eye puffiness and dark circles.

  3. It can combat premature ageing: because of its potent anti-oxidant properties, green tea is able to fight free radicals on the skin, in turn slowing down the ageing process and improving the appearance of sun-damaged skin by brightening dark spots, evening out skin tone and guarding against UV rays. 
If you are interested in testing out skincare with green tea in it, be sure to look out for the scientific name in the ingredient list: camellia sinesis.

Will you be trying out green tea in your skin care routine?


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