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OGX Kukui Oil Hair Care

OGX Kukui Oil Hair Care

A few months ago I won the OGX Kukui Oil Hair Care set in a giveaway, so they sent me the Shampoo, Conditioner, Oil and also a keratin Hair Mask. I've been using them for a while now (except the oil) so I wanted to write about them. I'll probably write about the Ogx Kukui oil Hydrating Oil after I finish my Garnier Ultimate Blends Blonde Illuminator Oil

OGX Kukui Oil Shampoo - what I like about this shampoo is that it doesn't feel drying, it lathers a little bit and seems to clean hair nicely. It has a sweet scent that doesn't linger, rinses out easily and my hair gets less oily. What I don't like is that my hair feels somewhat dry and it's hard to run my fingers through it, which is not what I expected from a shampoo with oils in it. 

OGX Kukui Oil Conditioner - this conditioner is so thick, it's almost impossible to get it out of the bottle. It has a butter consistency and has a nice scent as the shampoo, but didn't make my hair feel that more softer. I don't think either the shampoo nor conditioner made a big difference on frizz. 

OGX Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil Miraculous Recovery: this is a hair mask and I would have expected this to have a thick consistency, however it is quite runny, almost like a body lotion, if not thinner. It is easy to use (unlike the conditioner) and rinses out easily, however I don't find it leaves my hair that much softer, which is what I normally expect from a hair mask.

So unfortunately I wasn't veryimpressed with these OGX products, hopefully the hair oil will be better, but as for these 3 items, I don't think I will be actually purchasing them.

Have you tried OGX?



Stylish Dresses at Yoins

With the current heat wave in full blow, all I want to wear are light colours, flowy fabrics and short sleeves - or even no sleeves. At Yoins they have a great range of stylish dresses that you will want to wear this summer. A couple of my favourite Yoins items are pictured below:

Printed Dress Yoins Ginham Top & Short Set

The dress on the left will keep you cool with it's flared short length skirt, v neck shape and sleeveless strappy style. I really like how the dress is fitted on the top and airy at the bottom, and the tiny floral print is cute and feminine. The white background colour will keep you feeling fresh even when you head out in the sun.

At Yoins they also have a collection of sexy tops, and one of my favourite is pictured on the right side above. This top is actually quite similar to the style of the dress on the left, as it features straps and a v-neck, but it also has a tie ribbon on the front, a peplum shape and a super trendy gingham print. The top also comes with a pair of shorts, making it an ideal set for summer holiday time.

This is a sponsored post. 


Summer Skincare Must Haves

Summer Skincare Must Haves

With the inevitable burning sensation of the UV rays hitting our skin during the summer months, we want (or at least I do, don't know about you) something that will protect our skin from premature ageing (lines, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation) because sun exposure is one of the main factors of skin ageing. 

So of course, products with SPF are a must, and it is crucial we wear them on our face (and any exposed skin) year round. Look for products with at least SPF 15, but do go higher if you burn easily. Note that products with SPF 50 or above aren't that much more effective, the key here is to apply generously and to reapply if you will be spending most of the day outside. Also try to avoid exposing yourself to UV rays between the hours of 11:00 and 15:00 as it is when they are the strongest. 

My current summer SPF products are the following:

Face: I've been using this Olay Complete Radiance Illuminator SPF 15 for normal to oily skin. I must say this is actually quite lightweight and doesn't leave any glittery particles on my face, which is what I was scared of when I read the word Illuminator in its name. It also leaves no white cast or sticky sensation, sinks in quite quick and has a light scent. The only thing I don't love is that it contains parabens, but other than that it is a really good product. 

Lips: I've been using the Blistex Classic Lip Protector, it has SPF 10 and it has a mixture of natural oils in the ingredients, as well as chamomile and aloe, which makes it not only moisturising but also soothing. It has a subtle and sweet vanilla scent and taste to it as well. I would like to try the Palmer's Dark Chocolate and Mint SPF 15 lip balm too, which would be ideal to freshen up your breath after a meal. 

Hands: they are the first to show signs of ageing (along with the eye area) as skin is constantly exposed to the sun and rarely cared for. I've been loving The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream, it has SPF 15, it's super lightweight, hydrating, softening and smells of roses. What more could you want? Oh, yeah - it also prevents the appearance of dark spots thanks to rosehip oil in the formula.

What are your summer skincare must haves?



New In: May 2017

St Tropez Tan
Poundland LED Lights
Pierre Cardin Leather Passport Cover
Didn't buy a lot of stuff last month, as my birthday is coming soon I'm kind of waiting so I can go crazy (maybe) and treat myself in 2 months.

From Aldi I got a little succulent plant, some evening primrose oil capsules and Argan body oil. Also got a sample of the St Tropez Gradual Tan with a magazine.

From Poundland I got a set of LED micro lights. Last but not least, a leather Pierre Cardin passport holder from a charity shop and a Botanics Hibiscus Toner from Boots.



A Stylish Way to Protect Your Contactless Card Details

Myne Card Contactless Protection Card
Myne Card Contactless Protection Card

Last week I received a pair of Myne Contactless Card Protectors to try out and review. They have teamed up with The National Gallery, so there is 4 different designs to choose from. I picked out the Vincent van Gogh - Wheatfield with Cypresses and  Ambrosius Bosschaert the Elder - Still Life of Flowers in a Wan-Li Vase designs. The artwork on the card seems to be a good quality print, with no pixellated or blurred areas. 

In the pictures the Myne Cards looked like any other card bank card but upon receiving them I realised that they are much thinner, almost paper thin, which is great as it takes virtually no space in your wallet or purse and you could even fit it into the same slot as your bank card. 

The great thing about the Myne Cards is that you can protect your contactless bank card details from being stolen by simply having the Myne Card in your wallet, in front of your contactless card. Of course I had to test them to make sure they worked, so when out shopping and using the self service till, I placed the Myne Card in between the bank card and the reader machine and nothing happened (as expected) but as soon as the Myne Card was no longer in between the reader and bank card, the transaction was instantly done. 

Father's Day is just a week away, and I think this would be a really nice little detail to help your dad (or anyone, really) keep their information safe and preventing fraud, since contactless bank cards are becoming increasingly common. 



Garnier Moisture+Restore Night Cream

Garnier Moisture Restore Night Gel Cream

Recently I started using a new night cream as my Naturally Radiant night cream ran out. I picked this one as one of my gifts for Valentine's from Dot as it was on sale and the gel-cream name was intriguing. 

The Garnier Skin Naturals Moisture + Restore Night Care Recovery Gel Cream is meant to recover moisture, replenish and revitalise thanks to the use of Revival Flower extract. With active ingredients it "locks hydration and skin feels soft and comfortable". 

What I like about this night cream is that it's very lightweight, with a gel consistency and absorbs really quickly into the skin without feeling greasy at all. It also lightly moisturises so it feels like a really adequate cream for someone with oily skin like me. And because it is so lightweight it spreads easily and you only need a small amount, which is great (if you use too much it starts to feel sticky). 

What I don't like is how strong the scent is. I'm not someone bothered by scented skincare but this stuff is strong, even after probably 30 minutes to an hour I could still smell it on my face. Also the fact that it kind of stings a bit around slightly irritated areas (like my nose if I'd earlier sneezed and had to blow it) isn't great. All in all it's a nice moisturiser but I don't think I would buy it again because of the aforementioned reasons and because I don't feel like it does anything special for my skin besides lightly moisturising it. 

Even though it says New on the packaging it seems to have been discontinued or maybe it's being rebranded but I can't find it on the Boots or Superdrug website, only on Ocado.

Have you tried this night cream?



Fun Prints for Summer at RoseGal

Summer is almost here, and according to how high the temperature goes wherever you live (or will go on holiday to) the more important it is to have some sort of statement piece in your outfit to make you stand out from the crowd. At RoseGal they have many printed items, and one pattern that caught my eye as it is very fun and summery was the pineapple print. 

The picture on the left shows a pineapple swimsuit, which not only has the aforementioned fruit printed all over the bottom part, but also palm leaves and hibiscus flowers - how more tropical can you get? The black background matches it to the plain black bikini top, which makes it very versatile as you can also wear it with other bikini bottoms you may have. To keep the top from being too plain, it has a criss-cross detail on the front to make it a little more interesting.

On the right we have a must have for when you visit the beach, whether you are going swimming or not - a beach throw. Even though this isn't exactly a towel to use for drying yourself, it is perfect to lay it on the floor and keep the sand at bay - and your possessions safe from getting breaded in that oh-so-hard-to-get-off wet sand. The print is too cute so I just had to share it with you - plus it will match your pineapple swimsuit.


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Cute Dresses and Clutches at JustFashionNow and StyleWe

Today I'm collaborating with SyleWe and one of their sister sites, JustFashionNow, both websites specialise in fashionable clothes and accessories for women. On this occasion I want to share with you the affordable dresses from JustFashionNow and the cute clutch bags from StyleWe.

On the left we have one of JustFashionNow's affordable and cheap dresses, I picked this one to show you as I really like the simple silhouette that could easily work for wearing during the day but if you change the accessories you could also use it at night. The fact that it has pockets gives it a slightly more casual look, but worn with a sleek higher heel shoe and a statement piece of jewellery such as earrings or a necklace would make it great for an evening get together. 

The bag on the right is one of Stylewe's clutch wallets, again just like the little black dress on the left, is quite simple, with its rectangular shape and black base colour. But the beauty of it lies in the gorgeous set of colourful flower appliques and pearl details on the front of the bag. It also features an extra sparkle with the stones on the clasp, plus if you ever get tired of carrying the bag in your hand you can always use the detachable chain and carry it on your shoulder. 

Which product was your favourite?

*This is a sponsored post

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Long Weekend

Had a bit of a busy weekend, and I liked it haha. On Saturday we went to the town and looked in charity shops, didn't actually get anything from there but some "garment covers" from wilko to put away a couple of coats now that it is finally (kind of) sunny and warm. Then in the afternoon we went to play tennis at a local court, it was very hot and it felt like we weren't there for that long, probably up to an hour - oh and this time my muscles didn't ache for days, which is amazing. 

On Sunday we went to a car boot sale, I did see a couple of cute things but didn't get anything as I need time to think about whether I really want something or not, and by the time I make up my mind it is always too late. Then in the evening we had a barbecue at home with the family, on our new bbq that we assembled ourselves. We had just started cooking the first couple of burgers on it and it started raining, not just raining but pouring actually. By the time it stopped raining we had all finished eating our stove cooked sausages and burgers haha. And somehow the coals were still hot after all that rain. 

On Monday we went to the town again, and the parking was free because it was bank holiday. Didn't look in the charity shops this time but in the other stores in the town. I saw a really cute summery dressing gown in Primark and was looking for a juicer as I want to make my own version of Orangina but couldn't find a juicer that I liked. The only thing I got was a Botanics Hibiscus Toner from Boots. 

And that was it, an action packed 3-day weekend brought to you by spring. I wish every weekend was 3 days long. Did you have a nice bank holiday weekend?


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Zaful Review + Giveaway!

Zaful Giveaway

Hello everyone, today I would like to talk to you about an online shopping destination called Zaful. As I mentioned, they are a website where you can find pretty much everything, from clothes to shoes, jewellery to handbags, print bikinis and even beauty items, all for a really affordable price, plus they have free delivery on orders over $30 which is very convenient.

I first found out about Zaful when they contacted me about 6 months ago to do a collaboration with them, where they would send me some products so I could try them out and then write about them on my blog. (You can find more about the products I've received here.)

When I visited the website I noticed that the menu is divided in categories, such as dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories, as well as a New category right in front of all the others, which is quite helpful if you want to know what new trendy items have landed on the Zaful website and are available to purchase. Speaking of trendy, don't forget to check out the high waist bikinis at Zaful. 

My favourite section would have to be the Bags, as they have so many to choose from and in a great variety of styles, perfect to fit any mood and occasion you can think of. Some sections, like the jewellery one, have so many items (over 1000) which can be a bit overwhelming but if you select a sub-category it makes it easier for you to find what you are looking for. 

Recently they started a section called Z-Me, which is a community where the members can share their pictures wearing Zaful and it's a great way to find inspiration to create new looks and outfits. (There is actually a giveaway going on in the Z-Me section at Zaful, which you can enter here.) 

On to the giveaway!

I've teamed up with Zaful to give you the chance to win $45 worth of Zaful goodies of your choice!

To be elegible to win you must:
- Follow me @msvanille and Zaful on instagram. 
- Like the giveaway picture on my Instagram. 
- Comment on the giveaway picture with your favourite thing about summer and tag 3 friends. 

Terms and conditions: 
- Open to everyone that follows the requirements above.
- Competition is open worldwide.
- If you are under 16 ask your parents for permission before entering.
- Giveaway starts 28/05/2017 and ends 04/06/2017 at midnight GMT.
- Limited to one entry per person, multiple entries and fake accounts will be disqualified.
- Winner will be selected at random from all the Instagram entries.
- I'll contact the winner by the 6th June 2017 by Instagram private message.
- Winner must reply within 48 hours or a new winner will be chosen.
- The winner must open an account at, fill out their personal information and place an order for up to $45 USD, including delivery (don't worry, you do not have to pay for it) then send me the order number so I can forward it to Zaful and they can ship your prize out to you. 

-This Giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administrated by Instagram inc. By entering, entrants are confirming they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's terms of use. 
- Financial compensation was not received for this post.
- Prize provided by Zaful and can't be exchanged for cash. 


These Are a Few of My Favourite Tints

Botanics Radiant Youth

Never been a fan of lots of layers of makeup on my face, as I don't like the look nor feel of it. I don't use concealer, liquid foundation and rarely wear lipstick - for me, the least maintenance needed, the better. Which is why I love tinted lip balms and eye creams, just dab a little bit on and you instantly look better but still natural. 

I've been loving the Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose, super moisturising and with a red tint, makes you look made up without trying too hard (or needing to touch up after every drink) and the Botanics Radiant Youth 5 in 1 Amazing Eyes Roll on is also ever so slightly tinted, which won't conceal much but after a couple of minutes from application, darkness under the eyes is visibly reduced - amazing indeed. 

Have you tried any of these products?



New In: April 2017

Botanics Face Oil
Simple Cleansing Oil
Bareminerals Retractable Brush
The Body Shop Ginseng Mask
Burt's Bees Lip Balm
Dove Body Oil

Just realised I got a lot of skincare last month haha. Can't help it, it's one of my favourite things (along with stationery). 

In Boots they had the buy one get one free offer on Botanics and I wanted to try the Radiant Youth Amazing Eye Roll On, which was £4, and got the Triple Age Renewal Face Oil for free. The Neal's Yard Rose Hand Cream came free with a magazine (got to love those freebies). 

Then I got a few treats for Easter, including the Simple Cleansing Oil and a Calcot Manor Massage Brush for dry body brushing. Found the bareMinerals Hydrating Powder and Retractable Brush in TKMaxx in a set for about £16. 

The Body Shop Ginseng Mask was sent to me to try out, the Nails Inc Polish came free with a magazine, and the Korres Guava Set was only £5 in Tesco. The Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm and Lip Shine were just £1 each at Poundland.

Found a set of incense with holder for £1 in a charity shop and the Dove Body Oil for £1 in the clearance section in Boots. 

Did you get anything nice last month?



Rose Print Dresses at Rosegal

Spring is finally here and with it the warmer sunnier days, which definitely suit a cute rose print dress, of which Rosegal have a great range of. Here are a couple of my favourites: 

The dress on the left reminds me a lot of Dolce & Gabbana with the white background and big white red roses printed all over the fabric. The sleeveless style is great for the warmer weather and the shape is so elegant, ideal to wear to a summer wedding. 

The dress on the right has a more retro feel with the sweetheart neckline and sash around the waist. I feel like this dress wouldn't look out of place at a tea party, or maybe even a summer picnic. The print is quite similar to the white dress but this one adds a touch of blue for further contrast. 

Which one was your favourite? 



Double Denim

H&M Denim Jacket
H&M Denim Jacket
H&M Denim Jacket
H&M Denim Jacket
H&M Denim Jacket

H&M Denim Jacket // Uniqlo Sweatshirt // Topshop Jeans // Adidas Stan Smith

Yesterday we went out for dinner as it was my niece's 12th birthday - I met her when she was 5 (!) I had a chicken burger haha and for dessert I had a cookie dough cheesecake with some ice cream but for some reason my dessert was the last one out :( I couldn't finish it anyway because it was too sweet but I liked it, cheesecake and carrot cake are my favourite cakes - must be the cream cheese haha.



Bedside Beauty Essentials 2017

Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment
Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturiser

It's been over a year since I wrote my last Bedside Beauty Essentials, so here is an update. The eye cream I'm currently using I keep in my skincare toiletries bag so I don't really have it by my bed anymore. 

Anyway, a lip balm and a hand cream are must haves next to your bed so you can reapply often and before you go to sleep, which will be really good for the skin on your hands and lips. 

For hands I've been using the Origins Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment, which is a very rich hand cream and reminds me a bit of the Neal's Yard ones I've used, although a bit more light in texture. It has a slight citrus scent and it is nourishing and softening, however it can be slightly greasy and takes a few minutes to absorb. However it is a very good option for dry hands that need extra moisture. Make sure you leave it on for a while before you wash your hands to get the most of it.

And for lips I've been using the Malin + Goetz Lip Moisturiser, which came as a sample in a set with 2 other Malin + Goetz products with a magazine some time ago. This lip balm has a thick gel consistency, which reminds me of petroleum jelly, however that is not one of the ingredients in this product. It will help with any dryness on the lips and adds a bit of natural shine without feeling heavy or sticky. It's a really good product to use during the colder months or if you generally suffer from dry lips.

Have you tried any of these products?



Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil

Only recently I've been getting into oils for everything: moisturising my face, hair, body, nails - you name it - and even though I had heard about cleansing oils I was a bit scared to try one as I have oily skin. But I discovered a Korean youtuber recently that knows a lot about skincare, especially oily and acne prone, and she mentioned that not oils are the same, some are better for dry skin and some are better for (you guessed it) oily skin. 

I received the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil as a gift on Easter and I couldn't wait to try it out. It is meant to thoroughly cleanse the skin and leave it super soft, thanks to the use of 100% natural grape seed oil, vitamins A and E. It mentions that it can get rid of even waterproof makeup however I only use it in the mornings so won't be able to comment on that. 

The instructions say use 2 to 3 drops, but I use about 5 or 6 and dot them around my face, then gently massage and I can feel the dry oil and particles coming unstuck from my skin (I know, kind of gross). After that I use the tiniest drop of my current morning cleanser and wash away any residue, if any. 

I've been using it for about a week and my skin definitely feels softer and tighter (which I think is due to the grape seed oil). The only downsides to it is that I've noticed tiny white bumps since I started using it, but they don't last long so I need to figure out why this happens; and the smell is not great as it has no added perfumes to the formula but I don't mind as the scent doesn't linger and you wash it off anyway. 

Find the Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Cleansing Oil in Boots and Superdrug.

Have you tried this cleansing oil?



Minimal Makeup Routine

Minimal makeup routine

I've never been one to pile on the layers of makeup. My go-to items in high school consisted of translucent face powder thanks to my oily skin and lots of kohl eyeliner. Nowadays I still use face powder and eyeliner but in a more sophisticated way, at least that's what I like to think. So here is a list of the items I use on an almost daily basis:


It's a feature I like to accentuate so it's also where I use the most products: the grand amount of 3.
Balance Me Tinted Wonder Eye Cream: I like a natural look, so after applying some face cream with SPF around the eye area I use this to fade the look of dark circles. It doesn't get rid of them completely but my eyes look brighter and well rested. 
Eyeliner: I love the look of a cat eye liner. Been trying out a few different pen liners and am currently using the Bourjois Liner Feutre. It's easy to use, doesn't flake and it's very long lasting. 
Mascara: Only started wearing it every time I do my makeup for the last year or so, but I love the wide 60s look so I think my love for mascara is growing with every use. Currently using The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara, it adds volume and a bit of length and it's also quite long lasting. There is some smudging by the end of the day but then again I have really oily skin.


Never been a fan of foundation or using a lot of products on top of my skin, I just don't like the feel of it. Even though I was using a bb cream for the last couple of years (mixed a drop of it into my day cream for lighter coverage) I have reverted back to only using powder and it feels so good. I think my skin is loving it because it's looking better too. 
Powder: For evening out my skin tone I've been using The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals, it diminishes the look of marks and redness and it's lightweight and very natural looking. The only downside is that it's a bit on the glowy side - oh and that it's been discontinued.
Brush: It came in a holiday set that I found in the clearance section in Boots, I think I paid about £7 for them. It's quite soft, applies powder well and it's made of aluminium so it's very lightweight too. 


I do like to wear a bold lip every once in a while, but they can be very high maintenance - making sure it hasn't smudged, topping it up after eating or drinking and worrying it might be on you teeth. None of those worries come with a tinted lip balm.
Korres Wild Rose Lip Butter: It has a medium to thick consistency and it's very nourishing, making my lips feel soft and comforted. The hint of colour it gives is very natural but still makes you look more polished, plus it can be layered on for a stronger look. 

Minimal makeup routine


If I got a bit more time or I'm feeling fancy I'll use a few more products:

Lip liner: I like to line my lips slightly outside my natural lip line to make them look a bit bigger, that combined with the tinted lip balm gives a nice plumper lips look. This lip liner by Models Co is a nude colour that could also be worn on its own.

Primer: I'm not quite sure what the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm does but I apply a pea sized amount to the centre of my face/T-zone to make pores look smaller and hope my face won't look too shiny when I use it. Still testing this product. 

Brows: Sometimes brows just won't stay in place and that's when a brow gel comes in, this time it's the benefit's gimme brow that comes to the rescue. I like that it adds a bit of volume but doesn't look fake, so if there's a sparse area it can make it look fuller without having to draw anything with a pencil. It also keeps brows in place all day.

Face powder: To mattify after my mineral foundation I use the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder. It's also lightweight and you only need a tiny amount to get rid of any shine. It can also add a bit more coverage if needed when worn over a mineral foundation. 

Lip Tint: If I want to intensify the colour on my lips, while still being low maintenance, a lip tint is the answer. This one by The Body Shop adds a natural red tint and can be worn alone, but under a red tinted lip balm it looks almost like a lipstick, plus it won't go anywhere after your lip balm has faded. 

What are your makeup essentials?



Black High Low Dresses at Zaful

As spring is finally here and with it the warmer and sunnier weather, which means we can finally stop wearing so many layers and go out in a cute dress. At Zaful they have lots of black high low dress and high waist dress to choose from, and here are a couple of my favourite ones:

asymmetric shirt dress
tie dye maxi dress

As the weather can be a bit temperamental at the moment I think the dress on the left would be a great option if the day is a bit chilly as it has long sleeves to keep your arms cosy and warm. The asymmetric hem and tie waist details keep it trendy.

The dress on the right is for the more boho girl, I could definitely see girls wearing it at summer music festivals. I like the tie-dye wash and the a-line shape makes it comfortable to dance in, while the fitted waist keeps it from being shapeless.

What dress is your favourite?