Breton Stripes

H&M breton stripe cardigan
H&M breton stripe cardigan
H&M breton stripe cardigan
uniqlo bomber jacket
Uniqlo Down Jacket // H&M Breton Cardigan // Uniqlo Skinny Jeans // Clarks Chelsea Boots

First, it took me so long to find the A-line skirt that I wanted in Topshop, then when I finally got it, the weather got cold again so it's been a few weeks now since I got it and haven't been able to wear it, I just don't want to be wearing it with tights, it's nearly June! Anyway on other news, might be off work on Friday then I have a week off next because of half term, yay!



L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil in Cream for Dry, Rough Hair

L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil in Cream Dry Hair

I received the L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil in Cream for Dry, Rough Hair to try and review. This product can be used on both dry and wet hair.

I applied a walnut sized amount to wet hair and let it dry naturally. When I got the product out I rubbed my hands together to spread it more easily, but one thing I noticed is how it just melts so quickly with the warmth of your hands, so it is very easy to apply and spread through the hair. It also smells really nice and slightly sweet, though the scent doesn't linger on the hair so it won't clash with any perfume you might be wearing.

It makes my hair feel very soft and reduces frizz considerably (my hair can get very fluffy looking if left to dry naturally) without weighing it down, so you don't have to worry about ending up with flat hair. I really like it and definitely recommended if you are looking to achieve softer and smoother hair.



Pointed Leather Loafers

topshop leather loafers
uniqlo cotton cashmere
topshop leather loafers
H&M Parka // Uniqlo Jumper // Topshop Leather Bag // H&M Joggers // Topshop Loafers
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Dot got a playstation 4 and we've been playing The Last Of Us for the last week or so, and I really like it haha. On other news, Windows decided to automatically update to Windows 10, I was a bit scared I would lose my files or not like it but I actually do so far.



The Cutest Bags For Your Holiday

cutest holiday bags

Technically 2 of these are not really bags but they are still very handy when you go travelling. These are my favourite holiday bags and accessories:

Liberty London x Uniqlo Pouch £9.90 Cute pattern & spacious enough for all your makeup needs.
H&M Straw Bag £15 Super chic and casual tote bag replacement for a picnic or even everyday.
Fjallraven Kanken Backpack £67 If you are gong on a festival or camping, this will be very handy.
Tripp Cabin Bag £39 Perfect size to carry on in flight plus it's got wheels AND a floral pattern.
Bailey & Quinn Passport Holder £12 A pink leather passport holder with card slots as well ♥
GAP Striped Tote Bag £30 A casual city bag that fits everything and you can take to the beach too.
Cactus Luggage Tag £6 Identify your bag easily anywhere with this adorable name tag.
Topshop Leather Holdall £45 Perfect carry on bag for flights, road trips, day bag & all year round bag.

Which one's your favourite?



Temporary Backpack Time

H&M parka coat
fast shutter speed
leather backpack
H&M Parka // Uniqlo Skinny Jeans // H&M Jumper // Clarks Chelsea Boots // Jobis Backpack
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You might have noticed this backpack amongst the items in my March New In post, and that I mentioned I actually returned/exchanged it for a wallet in the latest New In post. Why? Well I actually really liked the backpack's design and spacious interior but I discovered a faulty bit of stitching on one of the straps, and even though you couldn't really see it, it was bothering me a bit. Also I set the straps to be the shortest length possible but it still wasn't short enough (short girl problems) and it was giving me a bit of a backache when I used it, so yeah. On a trip to the TK Maxx near Lakeside I found an Osprey wallet and exchanged the backpack for it.