01 mayo 2015

New in: April 2015

primark sunglasses
ted baker shower gel
primark flip flops
h&m blazer

Got some sunglasses from Primark as I really liked them, even though I always forget to wear them haha I have a couple and I can't seem to remember to use them so I will keep these in my bag for when I go out and it's (hopefully) sunny. 
Then on a trip to Southend that was cut short by a mysterious stomach ache I found this shower gel by Ted Baker in the clearance section in one of the High Street's Boots for less than £2. 
And last but not least, last week I got a Revlon mousse foundation and lipstick from the clearance section in my local Boots for just £2 each, and I also got another Sanctuary Matte Hydra Lotion moisturiser and a Smoothing Silk Polish scrub from Savers for £3 each. 
I had a £5 off voucher when you spent £20 in H&M and couldn't let it go to waste haha so I got a black blazer to wear instead of coats and jackets when it gets a little bit warmer. 


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29 abril 2015

Carl Barat and The Jackals at Scala

Carl Barat and the jackals

A couple of weeks back we went to London to see Carl Barat and the Jackals play at the Scala as part of the promotional tour for their first album Let It Reign.

They played songs from the album as well as some songs from his Dirty Pretty Things album and even a couple of Libertines ones, including my all time favourite Death on the Stairs.

The next night we went to see Palma Violets at the Chinnerys in Southend but I didn't get any pictures at the start and then I couldn't take any as people started standing up on the barrier and blocking everything, so here's one from dot's instagram:

A photo posted by Scott Pease (@dotcito) on


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Dresslink Wishlist

dresslink wishlist

At Dresslink they have so many products and they are very affordable, there is even a section where you can buy stuff for just $0.01! If you like what you see, head over to dresslink.com


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27 abril 2015

Palmer's Tinted Lip Balm

Palmer's Tinted Lip Balm
Palmer's Tinted Lip Balm

Being a lip balm fan I decided to get this on our last visit to Mexico as I was very interested in trying it. 

The Palmer's Tinted Lip Balm claims to be soothing and provide long lasting moisture, as well as protecting from the sun with its SPF 15 and leaving a subtle cherry tint on the lips. 

As it's quite affordable and provides so many benefits I just had to get it. Upon first application lips feel softened and look smooth, all with a tinted finish and delicious chocolate & cherry scent. 

It was all good until a few minutes later when my lips started stinging, and it was not a nice minty tingling like it happens intentionally with some products. Obviously I had to wipe it off as the sensation was not nice at all. 

Unfortunately this product doesn't agree with my skin, which is a shame as it sounded very promising. 

Find Palmer's Tinted Lip Balm on Superdug


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24 abril 2015

Trench Coat

gap trench coat
gap trench coat
Trench coat

Trench Coat: Gap // Jumper: American Apparel* // Jeans: Uniqlo // Loafers: Miss Selfridge
(Similar: Loafers)

It's been a bit sunny lately, which has gotten me excited thinking about updating my wardrobe for the spring and summer months. I'm on the lookout for a couple of tops, probably stripy, and a lighter wash of jeans, maybe even some shorts and sandals as well!


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22 abril 2015

Clearly Youthful Serum + Moisturiser

Clearly Youthful Serum + Moisturiser

Having oily skin can be a bit of a nightmare, especially if it means more spots and a shiny face (not nice). 

When I heard about Superdrug's Clearly Youthful range, I was quite interested as not being a teenager anymore means my skin's needs have changed, even though it's still oily and prone to spots. 

Seeing the range on offer, I decided to take advantage of it and picked up the SPF 15 Skin Balancing Moisturiser and the Hydrating Day Serum. 

The moisturiser claims to be lightweight, nourishing and hydrating. It contains salicylic acid, anti-shine cimicifuga and an anti-aging complex consisting of polyglycan and phytoprotein, soothing allantoin and moisturising sugar beet extract. Also mentions to provide a younger looking complexion, refine pores, control excess sebum and protect against further breakouts. 

The serum is an anti blemish and youth boosting solution containing the maximum permitted amount of salicylic acid, cimicifuga, lactic acid, phytoprotein, polyglycan and hyaluronic acid. It features a pump to dispense the product more easily and claims to do the same as the cream.

One of the main reasons I got these products was that they mention to be mattifying, which is something I definitely need. I started using the serum first and have noticed that it is indeed mattifying albeit not the most moisturising product out there. Recently started using the serum and the moisturiser combined and let me tell you that I was amazed by how less oily my skin looked after a good 8 hours.

Definitely give these two products a try if you suffer from extremely oily skin and don't want to spend a fortune on products to treat it, but do keep in mind that it's practically impossible to apply any foundation or concealer on top of the moisturiser as rubbing it in too much makes it peel off. 

Find the Clearly Youthful Cream, Serum and rest of the range in Superdrug (currently buy 1 get 1 free).


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