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There are prizes available each month!

Pugona Rock Club is a membership club that conducts monthly giveaways, with the first giveaway set for 1st August. Each month up to 20-prizes will be given away to randomly selected club members. For the month of December, one lucky member will become the winner of Vinny The Pug's one of a kind 'Mood Bag'.  On its front, it features Vinny The Pug, and on the rear, Bleudreaux the New Orleans Crawfish. 

The prizes available include Coffee Mugs, Stickers, Patches and Collector's Pins featuring Vinny the Pug. The products that will be given away each month are exclusive and can't be bought anywhere else, with some items like the collector's Pin being Limited Edition. 

The first prize will be Vinny The Pug's First Limited Edition Collector's Pin. The first in a series, it is a 1.5 inch Raised Nickel Metal Pin which features 2 pins with butterfly clip backings for added stability. This pin was designed from a photograph taken of Vinny The Pug atop a boulder in Arizona's Sonoran Desert, at Papago West Park of Phoenix.

Vinny The Pug Limited Edition Collector's Pin

Who is Vinny the Pug?

Vinny was born in 2000 in Orlando, Florida, near Disneyworld. While he was still just a pup, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he learned how to climb a rock. After becoming proficient at climbing and posing atop that rock, he began learning how to climb other rocks and climbing quickly became his new hobby.  

By 2006, Vinny the Pug was known the world over after having embarked upon a canine Guinness World Record attempt. His challenge was to climb and pose at the top of 100 large boulders in the Sonoran Desert in one  hundred days. You can read more about Vinny the Pug's quest here

What is the Grand Prize? 

The Grand Prize for the last giveaway will be the Mood Bag, which is designed for the woman who reserves the right to change her mind. She flicks her wrist and gives birth to an entirely different mood. 

This one of a kind bag is a Vinny the Pug collaboration with Bleudreaux, the blue crawfish created by the famous New Orleans artist, LUIS COLMENARES. The Mood Bag is ideal for a very serious collector because it is the only one of its design. The picture below shows Mood Bag's front featuring Vinny the Pug and rear showing Bleudreaux. An interview with Luis Colmenares

Vinny The Pug Limited Edition Collector's Mood Bag

Join Pugona Rock Club to be in the chance of winning unique Limited Edition and Collector's items. 


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