5 Activities To Pass The Time During Self Quarantine

Kalanchoe Flaming Katy


Succulents in a pot

Kalanchoe Flaming Katy


As the days go by we might get overwhelmed as our routine has completely changed, but that doesn't mean we can't create a new routine with activities we enjoy or have been meaning to do for a while but never found the time. So here are my 5 suggestions of things to try during self quarantine.

1. Tend Plants: even if you don't have a garden, you can still have a couple of tiny plants on your window sill. Succulents are particularly easy to keep as they only need minimal care. I also am really into kalanchoe, which are the ones with the miniature flowers pictured above. Dot helped me transplant and add more soil to my succulents, which was a nice activity to do together. 

2. Play Video Games: since receiving a Nintendo Switch Lite for Christmas last year I haven't stopped playing Pokemon Shield and more recently, Animal Crossing New Horizons. Whether you like adventure, puzzle, or even multi player games, there will be a game you'll like to help you pass the time. 

3. Learn a Language: if you keep telling yourself you'd love learn to speak another language, now is the time to start. With all this free time you are sure to pick up at least the basics or a couple of helpful words and phrases which are always helpful if you get the opportunity to visit a new place in the future. I've been using Duolingo whenever I remember and completing a few of lessons always makes me feel like I've accomplishing something. 

4. Try Something Creative: I do enjoy creative activities, such as drawing, watercolour painting and digital photography. But if you don't have access to the tools needed for those things right now, you could also try journaling. Start writing about your day on your journal: how you feel, what you did, what you learned, what you are grateful for or even what you ate that day. Keep it simple in plain text or decorate it with doodles, stickers, coloured pens, washi tape and sticky notes

5. Connect With Friends & Family: although you might not able to see your friends and family in person for now, you can always organise a multiple video call with all your friends at once or a one to one with a close family member to keep up to date with each other. We had a Zoom 'meeting' with my nieces on Sunday as it was the birthday of one of them and it was nice to get to see them as they haven't been able to visit us.


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