Spring & Summer Fragrances for Every Budget

Spring & Summer Fragrances for Every Budget

With the temperatures steadily rising (finally), a strong perfume can feel a bit heavy or even sickly to wear in the spring and summer. These are a few of my favourite options of lighter fragrances:

Avon Naturals Scented Spritz in Jasmine: It has a nice and refreshing smell, which reminds me of gardenias (I suppose those and jasmines smell similar). The plastic packaging makes it very travel friendly and you get a lot of product for your money - 100 ml for just £3, making it a really affordable fragrance, though most of the time you can find it on offer so it's even cheaper.

Paul Smith Rose: A feminine fragrance with white peony, white musk and sandalwood. Smells like freshly cut flowers without being overpowered by the woody element of sandalwood at all. Depending where you buy it, a 100 ml bottle can range from £25 to £57 so I would say this is an excellent priced option if you can find it for less.

Chanel Chance Eau Tendre: A beautiful and delicate scent that is a mix of grapefruit, quince, jasmine absolute and white musk. A long lasting fruity and floral fragrance that's very distinctive and feminine. Soft and almost powdery while remaining always young and innocent. At the higher end of the scale at £54.50 for 50 ml but if you would like to treat yourself I would definitely recommend it. 

What is your favourite summer fragrance? 


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