Organic Cotton Beauty Products

organic cotton pleat

Recently I received a pack of Organyc Cotton Pleat to try out and review, which was great timing as I was running out of my current cotton wool that I use normally.

Organyc is a brand that offers a range of organic and natural feminine care products, including maternity, sanitary and baby care, made using organic cotton wool for softness and comfort in their products. Organyc does not contain parabens, synthetic ingredients, perfumes or super absorbent polymers. 

 The Organyc Cotton Pleat I'm using mainly to apply toner as well as removing face masks as part of my facial skincare routine. I do find this cotton pleat to be very absorbent and soft but there's only one downside: it's very fluffy so it can leave a bit of a mess when you tear it apart, but other than that I'm very pleased with this product. 

If you are looking for organic cotton products to use in your everyday skincare routine, be sure to check out Organyc


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