Comfortable Hoodies and Sweatshirts at Holapick

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Comfortable Hoodies and Sweatshirts at Holapick

Sunnier days seem to be more common as of late, however it can still feel a bit chilly, and as many of us are spending time at home more than ever it is important to keep comfortable and warm. Which is where today's sponsor comes in: Holapick has dozens of hoodies and sweatshirts available to help keep you warm and stylish. 

On the picture above you can see a couple of items that I picked and look like the most comfortable hoodies. On the left we have the Casual Long-sleeved Hooded Loose Sweater, which has a luxe green velvet textured fabric, a hood with drawstrings to make it adjustable and fit more snuggly, a front pocket, and decorative stripes along the sleeves in warm colours (the colour palette I find very reminiscent of Gucci, which is why I really like this hoodie). On the right we have a very cosy looking hoodie in a more oversized fit with an inviting forest scene printed all over. It has a fleece texture and would be perfect for going on an early morning or late afternoon walk to keep you toasty.

Comfortable Hoodies and Sweatshirts at Holapick

On to the sweatshirts: if you are not a fan of hoodies then these options might be better for you. On the left we have another super cosy top, this one has a tactile sherpa texture with a neutral brown plaid pattern all over. It features a working zip up closure on the front that can be opened to turn it into a v-neck with a collar, and also zipped all the way up to turn it into a high neck. On the right we have a more daring option with this cheeky skeleton hand print. It has some faded details to give it a more vintage look, a great casual outfit option. Find more sexy sweatshirts at Holapick.

Which is your favourite?


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