A Mermaid Tail Knitted Blanket By Rosegal

mermaid tail knitted blanket
mermaid tail knitted blanket
Fashion 2016 Fish Scale Tail Shape Sleeping Bag Mermaid Design Knitting Blanket
The lovely people at Rosegal contacted me recently to do a collaboration where I could select a product from their website and I chose this fabulous knitted mermaid tail blanket. 

I've seen mermaid blankets around somewhere (read pinterest, instagram and tumblr) and at first I thought that it was a normal blanket shaped to look like a mermaid tail, but after further inspection, and a look at a few more pictures that popped up here and there, I realised that it was in fact, a blanket with the actual shape of a mermaid's tail. 

I know we're in the middle of the summer but a blanket always comes in handy, especially when it gets cold again (which I'm not looking forward to right now, thanks), but when I saw this blanket on the Rosegal website I couldn't resist and ordered it without a second thought. 

The mermaid tail I chose is in the colour plum, and has a knit pattern that makes it look like fish scales, plus the raised texture of the scales makes for tiny air pockets which will keep you extra warm when you're lounging around the house. The blanket is very comfortable, and the colour is made out of a purple and pink yarn knitted together, which gives it a nice pastel lilac look. 

The mermaid tail blanket has a chunky but soft texture and is actually very long: without the fin, when stretched out I can cover up to my shoulders with it. To make it easy to slide in and out of the blanket, it has a slit on the back all the way down to the knees area. So all in all I can't really fault this blanket and would recommend it if you like mermaids, kooky things, and keeping warm all at the same time. 

Find the Rosegal Mermaid Tail Knitted Blanket online & find Rosegal on Instagram and Facebook.


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