Looking for a Place to Stay in London?

apartment rental in London
London is such a beautiful city with plenty of things to do at any time of the year. Because it is such an appealing and busy tourist destination, the price of accommodation can be quite expensive, eating into your shopping/sight-seeing/activity money and leaving you with a more restricted budget for said things.

Also, the more you would like to do whilst in London, the more time you would need, and so to not end up your holiday completely exhausted and feeling overwhelmed with so much packed into a tiny schedule, you need to pace yourself and plan how many days you need to stay in order to do everything on your list, which takes us back to the previous point: staying over for longer = less money to do stuff. 

Maybe you've thought about hostels, but the idea of sleeping in the same room as people you don't know and also sharing a bathroom with them might not seem very appealing. You could try a hotel, but that would definitely cost a whole lot more than staying in a hostel, though if you manage to find a decently priced one it might not be as well located. Or you could try renting an apartment.

You might be wondering if renting an apartment is a viable solution as perhaps you imagined it being a more pricey option since you get a lot more than you do when booking a hotel or a hostel room: a private bathroom, kitchen, dining area, lounging space and sometimes even a garden. What if I told you that you could find a cheap short term let from just £38 per night? That's even cheaper than some hostels in London!

Short Let London has over 200 short stay apartments in London for rent, located in Central, North-West and West London areas which are extremely close to good public transport links such as bus stops and tube stations, making your stay more convenient and easy. The holiday apartments are equipped with a double bed, fully fitted kitchen, TV and Wifi connection, which means that you'll save money by eating in and won't have to wait until you get back home to share your holiday pictures online.

So next time you think about visiting London remember to consider staying at an apartment.

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