Cashmere & Trainers

Cashmere & Trainers
Cashmere & Trainers
Cashmere & Trainers
adidas stan smith
H&M Cashmere Scarf // Topshop Leather Clutch // H&M Wool Coat // Adidas Stan Smith // H&M Jumper // H&M Joggers
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Last day of work and now I'm off until the 12th next month, plus wages go up so double yay! 
About that coat from H&M that I'm on the lookout for, it was from last season and saw it on sale in the Southend branch for about £20, but since I've been a more concious shopper, I told myself that even though I liked it, I wouldn't buy it because I already had a very similar one (worn throughout this post). It was only recently that I thought that I could have bought it and then sold my old one, but it was too late, I think it's sold out and will never be mine. Oh well, lesson learnt.


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