b. Makeup Brush Cleaner

b. Makeup Brush Cleaner

As part of the B. Vegan Gift Box I received for Christmas a couple of years ago, I got the b. Makeup Brush Cleaner, which is meant to clean and condition all types of makeup brushes. 

The antibacterial formula also disinfects as it cleans the brushes, while being gentle enough for everyday use on both natural and synthetic brushes.

It is very easy to use, you only need to spray 2 - 3 pumps directly onto the brush hairs then rub it onto a tissue to clean and sanitise the brush. Alternatively it can be used to just disinfect the brush if you only spray the brush without wiping the product off.

The formula contains alcohol denat to disinfect, while glycerin, panthenol and hydrolysed proteins of soy, corn and wheat leave brush bristles soft to the touch.

I would definitely recommend the b. Makeup Brush Cleaner as it can remove product build up from brushes in between washes while disinfecting them, which is ideal if you have acne prone skin like me. 

This cleaner will be very handy as I am running out of my denat alcohol which I normally use to sanitise my makeup and brushes (which I get in Mexico but haven't been able to go back in over 2 years and for some reason is not sold in the UK!).

You can find the b. Makeup Brush Cleaner in store in Superdrug, or get it as part of the B. Vegan Gift Box. There is also a smaller can version of this brush cleaner, as well as an Antibacterial Makeup Brush Shampoo.


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