MAC Magic Extension Mascara

MAC Magic Extension Mascara

As mentioned in my recent post on how to Get £5 off the MAC Magic Extension Mascara, MAC has recently launched a new mascara!

The Magic Extension Mascara promises to help achieve OTT exaggerated volume and make lashes look longer, fuller and lifted thanks to the use of 5mm fibres for surreal volume and length. It is enriched with colour-amplifying crystal elixir powder and the tapered brush creates root-to-tip curl.

I have tried the free sample I received a few times since that post and can now comment on the claims of the MAC Magic Extension Mascara. The fibres do help add a lot of volume to the lashes very easily, but the formula seems a bit dry to begin with, which can result in some clumping and unfortunately for me that is not an ideal look. 

Another thing I didn't love about this mascara (and pretty much any mascara) is that it is not very easy to remove, this is again due to the fibres, which detach from the lashes as you apply makeup remover and end up all over the surrounding skin, and once on the skin they seem to stick onto it, so multiple swipes with remover are needed. 

As I applied the mascara without curling my lashes, which are quite straight, I can't comment on how well it would hold curled lashes, but it did help lift mine slightly. It is also very black so will help darken light lashes, thicken them and make them look slightly longer.

I expected to have a lot of fallout as this is a fibre mascara, however it was minimal so no complaints from me on this matter. I also really liked the smell and it reminded me of The Body Shop Super Volume Mascara's scent. 

All in all it is a good mascara if you like drier formulas that help thicken and give a clumpier look to the lashes. 

You can find the MAC Magic Extension Mascara on Boots and it's coming soon to the MAC website.

Have you tried this mascara?


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