Bodyform Intima Wear Period Underwear

Bodyform Intima Wear Period Underwear

Bodyform Intima Wear Period Underwear

Bodyform Intima Wear Period Underwear

A few weeks back I got kindly sent a pair of the new Intima Wear Period Underwear by Bodyform to try out.

The Intima Wear Period Underwear promises to offer up to 8 hours of protection thanks to the use of Tritech Performance, which features 3 layers in its design:
  • The top layer is soft and moisture-wicking to absorb blood quickly, which avoids leaks.
  • The middle layer is super-absorbent and treated with an antimicrobial substance (Copper Zeolite) to hold moisture and odour for up to 8 hours.
  • The bottom layer is leak-proof and breathable at the same time. 

I tested a pair of the Bikini style in black for just under 8 hours and I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they were. It almost feels like normal underwear except for the padding which goes up to the lower third on the back section, in a straight line (instead of the usual rounded shape of a pad) which I could feel when I first put them on but as time went on I got used to it. Also I didn't experience any leaks so they actually do work.

One of the benefits of using the Intima Wear Period Underwear is that 88% less waste is produced and it has 66% less impact on the environment when compared to the use of 100 single-use towels together with an underwear washed 50 times.

You can expect the Bodyform Intima Wear up to achieve full performance for up to a minimum of 50 washes. However you need to hand rinse cold (if you can) after use, then wash at 40° without any fabric softener and you can hang or tumble dry on low. 

While it is great that big companies are moving towards creating more sustainable sanitary products, I don't believe that this item is very practical or fits in seamlessly in the lifestyle of a 21st century woman, in fact it feels like it takes you back over half a century when disposable diapers hadn't been invented and women had to constantly wash the cloth versions. 

The full responsibility of decades of non-sustainable waste created because it was the only option shouldn't all fall on the consumer's shoulders. Yes, period underwear might be more sustainable ecologically but not monetarily. If you want to buy a couple of the Bodyform Intima Wear to use over 4 days, considering they are guaranteed to work for up to 8 hours, you would need to buy 6 of them, which would come to just under £150. Taking into account that they are only guaranteed to last for 50 uses, it means they would last for about 8 months.

Compare that to using a pack of 12 disposable towels a month that you can get for £1: 8 months worth of pads would be £8, less than a third of the price of one piece of period underwear, plus it is much more practical if you need to change into a new one as you don't have to hand rinse in cold water, put it in the washing machine or worry it won't be leak-proof after 8 hours of use. Or just imagine if you worked full time and tried using period underwear - how inconvenient it would be.

What I would like to see and try in the future are more options for biodegradable sanitary products that are comfortable, work well and aren't overpriced - it is possible, see biodegradable makeup and baby wipes for example.

I wold recommend the Bodyform Intima Wear not so much for regular use but maybe for an emergency, as in bringing them with you or wearing them when you might be getting your period but aren't sure (shout out to my fellow irregular cycle girls out there) or for long haul trips or flights for the same reason. Or maybe on the last few days of your period so they don't become an absolute chore when having to rinse and wash them. Otherwise I don't find them to be that practical.

The Intima Wear Period Underwear by Bodyform comes in 2 styles: Bikini and Hipster, as well as 2 colours (black and burgundy) and they have sizes XS to XL available (6-20 UK).

If you would like to give the Bodyform Intima Wear Period Underwear a try, you can get your own on the Bodyform website, and I have a discount code for you: use FLOWWITHTRND10 for 10% off your purchase until 31st of May 2021 (limited to one per customer and can't be combined with other codes).

Have you tried period underwear?


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