The Kills at Roundhouse, London

 photo @dotcito
The Kills

On Friday Dot and I went to see The Kills at Roundhouse in London for the first time. I was so excited as they're one of my favourite bands and I waited so long to see them live. Jamie looks younger in person and Alison looks so pretty, I couldn't stop staring at her haha.

I liked Jamie's triangle scarf, band T shirt and cardigan combo, and Alison's jeans with leather panels on the bottom. When she first came out I wasn't sure if she was wearing shorts or if it was thigh high boots. 

They played some of my favourite songs, including Kissy Kissy, U R A Fever, Baby Says and Echo Home. Wish they would have played Satellite, Rodeo Town, The Good Ones and Last Day of Magic. Here is the setlist for the concert:

  1. Heart of a Dog
  2. U R A Fever
  3. Kissy Kissy
  4. Hard Habit to Break
  5. Impossible Tracks
  6. Black Balloon
  7. Doing It to Death
  8. Baby Says
  9. Dead Road 7
  10. Tape Song
  11. Echo Home
  12. Let It Drop
  13. Whirling Eye
  14. Pots and Pans / Monkey 23
  15. That Love
  16. The Last Goodbye
  17. Siberian Nights
  18. Love Is a Deserter
  19. Sour Cherry
Do you like The Kills?


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