Grey on Grey

H&M grey mohair jumper
New Balance 420 black leather
H&M LOGG grey wool coat

H&M Wool Coat // Pretty Polly Tights // H&M Mohair Scarf // New Balance 420 // H&M Mohair Jumper // H&M Angora Dress

Grey coat on a grey jumper on a grey dress. One of my favourite colours - the other one is dusty pink. When I was in high school I wouldn't be caught dead wearing pink and always wore black. Now I got a new temporary job (with the possibility of getting my contract extended) I will be needing to wear all black as part of my uniform, thing is I don't own as many black pieces anymore (!) and my wardrobe consists mainly of grey and pink - say what? Gives me an excuse to go shopping, I guess.


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