Joggers & Loafers

joggers and loafers
joggers and loafers
joggers and loafers
H&M Wool Coat // H&M Jumper // Topshop Loafers // H&M Joggers
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Wearing something other than skinny jeans? Who would have thought?
After being inspired by numerous hours spent on instagram and pinterest, I decided to try something other than skinny jeans and trousers, and this time I went for a slim or tapered leg jogger, which are surprisingly flattering and very comfortable. When worn with loafers they actually look much more formal than their jogger name would suggest. They can be worn during the winter and in the summer. Needless to say, I absolutely love them and the pointy loafers too! 
Another thing that I'm loving is how the pictures are turning out with my new 50 mm lens, they look brighter and I can finally get that blurry background effect that I wanted. 


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