Diego Luna, Zoe & The Horrors at Wahaca Day of the Dead Festival 2015

Leon Larregui
the horrors
lucha libre ring

On Saturday we went to London for the Wahaca Day of the Dead Festival 2015 at Tobacco Dock, as I really wanted to see one of my favourite bands, Zoé.

At 4 pm there was a little conference with Diego Luna that I really wanted to see but we didn't make it in time so the room was full, still managed to get some pictures though. At around 5pm we had some dinner, I was hoping to find authentic mexican food but couldn't find any, ended up getting a "new york style" chicken torta, it was ok but I really wanted some tamales :'(

Then we just waited for Zoé to play in one of the little concert rooms at 8 pm, which was great because it meant there was not going to be a lot of people.  We were a bit early for that, so managed to watch a couple of bands playing before them and we were right at the front. When Leon was walking on the stage I stretched out my arm trying to reach him and he saw me, then he just walked around the speakers to get closer and held my hand haha.

After Zoé we stayed until the Horrors went on stage at 10 pm, and listened to them for about 30 minutes as it was getting late and still had a train to catch. On the way out the little market stall that was selling salsa said they were doing a bag of 6 for just £1 so we got one and then left to go home.

Overall it was a great festival, just wish they had authentic mexican food. Can't wait to see what guests they will be having next year.


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