Dying My Hair Purple

L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Plum

A while ago I received a box of L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss in Plum to try out, and only recently got around to using it. I hadn't dyed my hair in about 10 years and just wanted to do something different as I was off work for quite a while. 

The L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss conditioning colour contains no ammonia and promises shimmering colour, glossy shine and soft voluptuous hair, as well as blending away grey hair. The kit comes with a tube creme colorant, a bottle of developer cream with a precision tip applicator, a bottle of nutri shine conditioner, a pair of gloves and instruction leaflet. 

To use you must do an allergy test and if there's no reaction it's safe to use, for which you mix the colorant and cream together, shake well, break the tip of the applicator and distribute through your hair, after the time indicated you rinse it off and apply the conditioner (no need to shampoo). 

My first impression was that my hair looked darker even though it is quite a dark brown colour (the dye is recommended for dark brown to black hair) and the plum colour wasn't very visible unless my head was backlit. After the first couple of washes the colour became a bit more noticeable. 

As I don't have greys I can't comment on that but my hair didn't dry out or feel coarse. After over 28 washes there is still a hint of plum noticeable on the top which I believe is due to applying the colour there first and therefore being on there for longer than on the rest of my hair. 

Overall it is a fun way to try something new with your hair without being permanent or having to damage it. If you have dark hair and want something subtle then this is for you. 


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