Alaïa Paris Perfume

Alaïa Paris Perfume

With the purchase of the most recent edition of Glamour UK magazine, there was a sample of the new Alaïa Paris perfume, which I, as a fan of fragrances (my collection won't stop growing as of late), curiously decided to try. 

There was no description of what the scent would exactly be like, but judging by the model's outfit styling and the black background I assumed it would be a sexy, night time, deep, dark and mysterious fragrance. 

The packaging features a dusty pink box with black font, and on the bottle the colours appear inverted, plus there is a very interesting geometric pattern on the bottle and a textured golden lid. Upon further reading I found out the notes of the Alaïa Paris Perfume are musk, blended with tones of freesia and pink pepper.

When I first sniffed it I thought it had a strong scent to it and proceeded to apply it on my pulse points. The perfume has very faint floral notes and is very woody and warm, it's definitely a lovely scent but I find it a bit masculine and I think I would appreciate it more as a male fragrance, just not on me.

It is definitely long lasting, I applied it in the morning and can still smell it after about 10 hours, so a great option if you like your fragrances to have lasting power and find it annoying having to reapply them.

Find Alaïa Paris Perfume in John Lewis.


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