Cherry Blossom

white cherry blossom

Oh, the joys of being off work for 6 weeks. I might end up getting bored sooner or later but I'm actually quite excited about a number of things.

First, decluttering my wardrobe: yesterday I took off my clothing rail a few pieces that I haven't worn in years. I will be putting them up for sale on Vinted, where you can find pre-loved pieces for an excellent price all while giving them a new lease of life. 

It's gonna be a lengthy process as I still need to sort shoes, tops and bottoms and hopefully get a couple of shelves to display my favourites nicely in the spare room. 

Also, I have a thing with lists, so to plan what to take with me on holiday to Blackpool next month I will be writing one of those. It's just so satisfying to check each item off a list (or is that just me?).

Last, but definitely not least. I will be doing more painting/illustrating. The boring part comes when it's time to scan each picture then polish off the jpgs in Photoshop. I hope to add more printed cards and poster designs in my photobox shop soon.

Are you going on holiday this year?


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