Short Homecoming Dresses 2014

Homecoming season may be coming to an end, but the back-to-school parties are just getting started, which is why I want to share with you my favourite short homecoming dresses from Ihomecoming.com

First we have a couple of fitted or bodycon dresses, with a sexy option and a sweet looking one. The one on the left is obviously the sweet one, and features a really pretty sweetheart neckline with a beautiful lace texture overlay that conceals cleavage and shoulders. I think this dress has a 1920's vibe and looks best with natural makeup. The dress on the right comes in a mysterious dark blue colour with beading all over and a V-neck with small sleeves or shoulder straps to ensure everything stays in place. 

Then we have a couple of skater style dresses, again with a sexy option and a more playful one. The left dress has pastel blue embroidered flowers on the bodice part over a nude sheer fabric that covers the shoulders. It also features a waist-enhancing sash and a layered skirt with lots of volume. The more seductive option is a bit similar to the left dress in the way it has a sheer fabric covering the cleavage, as well as having a voluminous skirt, though the sash is beaded which adds glamour to this dress. How can a long sleeve dress be sexy? you may be wondering, but this dress has a naughty surprise with its backless design resembling a fitted leotard that tucks into the skirt when seen from the back.


Find more Short Homecoming Dresses 2014 at Ihomecoming.com.

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