Little black dress

Since I don't have cable, I couldn't really watch gossip girl on a regular basis.
I knew about the series and wanted to watch it because it sounded interesting to me haha... but I just could not watch it because of said reason, and it took me some time to discover a webpage where it was streamed online.

Finally started watching it, 4 episodes a day, this is my 3rd day haha I'm on episode 10 already!

Well the purpose of this post is to express my amazement for Blair's dress on her birthday party.

blair,valentino,gossip girl

Valentino fall 2006 ready to wear dress

Wolford Herringbone Tights

Nine West Vasca grey satin heels

Love it or leave it?



  1. Definitely love it! Such a beautiful dress, and I love those Nine West heels :) Oh, and I added you to the project list dear.

  2. LOVE Gossip Girl, and Blair is my favourite character on the show.

  3. Hold on... so, you actually went out there searching for the three pieces of her dressing in the web? or took credits from somewhere and then looked for the items.. I would be scared of the first case scenario. O.o

  4. love it.. definitely love it but they are expensive...

  5. I've now grouped the project participants by countries, and tried to make sure, it followed a nice geographic journey, so people can post it to the nearest of the next countries! Hopefully people shouldn't have to spend too much on postage :)

  6. Love! And good for you putting the whole outfit together! I especially love the tights!

  7. I agree that is a lovely dress =]

    I would be honored to add you to my blogroll =]


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