Superdrug B. Clay Face Masks

Superdrug B. Clay Face Masks

Superdrug B. Clay Face Masks

A while back I received a Superdrug B. skincare/beauty gift set that included two of the Superdrug B. face masks: the B. Glowing Clay Face Mask and the B. Detoxed Clay Face Mask. 

The first one I tried was the B. Detoxed Clay Face Mask which is suitable for all skin types and is meant to detoxify, clarify and brighten. It contains charcoal powder and kaolin to draw out impurities and absorb excess sebum. After using it my skin felt softer and looked more even without any tightness, as well as feeling a cooling, almost tingling sensation a while after washing it off. 

The following week I tried the B. Glowing Clay Face Mask which claims to exfoliate, brighten and refine skin's texture. This mask is also suitable for all skin types. I was a bit disappointed to find out this mask had exfoliating particles as I prefer a chemical exfoliation over a mechanical one nowadays. This mask contains finely ground apricot granules, a blend of 3 natural clays and red seaweed extract to soften and remove impurities. This mask also left my skin feeling softer and smoother, however I would probably not use it again as I prefer masks without exfoliating particles.

The Superdrug B. face masks come in a single use/dose pack which can be very handy for traveling or if you very rarely use clay masks as it avoids wasting a bigger pack, but personally 10ml was too much product to use in one go, which was too thick when applied and took very long time trying to get it off after 10 minutes (it wasn't even fully dry), as well as being a messy application and removal process because of the amount of product I had to put on and rinse off. 

I would probably use the B. Detoxed charcoal face mask again, especially if it is available in a different presentation, such as a tube or pot. 

Find the B. Skincare Range on the Superdrug website.


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