Nivea Glow Cleansing Mousse

Nivea Glow Cleansing Mousse

A few weeks ago I started using the Nivea Glow Cleansing Mousse as I couldn't wait to try it even though I still had a tiny amount of my Fresh Soy Cleanser left. 

The Nivea Glow Cleansing Mousse promises to deeply cleanse and moisturise with its non-drying formula containing almond oil. 

My first impression was that it wasn't as moisturising as my previous cleanser, however as I kept using it and my opinion definitely changed. The Nivea Glow Cleansing Mousse gently cleanses and leaves my skin feeling very soft, without any tightness or dryness. 

The formula not only contains almond oil but also glycerin and castor oil, which also help soften and moisturise the skin. 

I only started using it on the 12 December and even though I only use one pump per application, I'm almost halfway through the bottle so the only downside to this type of formulation/packaging is that it doesn't last as long as others.

However I really like the pink hue of the packaging and ease of use, as well as affordability (especially when it's on offer) and the fact that it doesn't dry out my skin, so if you are looking for a new softening cleanser to try then check out the Nivea Glow Cleansing Mousse.

Find the Nivea Glow Cleansing Mousse at Superdrug.


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