Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask

Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask

 A while ago I picked up the Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask as it was reduced to clear for around £1 in my local Superdrug and I can't resist a good bargain, especially when it comes to skincare. 

The Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask contains White Clay and Active Magnolia Extract. This face mask is meant to detoxify by reducing environmental stressors, exfoliate dead skin cells to provide extra deep cleansing, and purify skin while refining its appearance. 

What I found very interesting is the claim that it works in just 1 minute, which I obviously had to try to find out if it was true. I applied a thin layer all over my face and found that it dried quite fast. Something I didn't realise is that the mask has exfoliating particles (which isn't mentioned anywhere) and I rather it didn't have them as I prefer a chemical exfoliation over a physical one nowadays. 

After rinsing it off (very carefully to avoid irritating my skin with the exfoliating particles) I find that my skin feels softer, smoother and the next morning it is less oily with a more even looking tone.

There are some good ingredients in the Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask such as Kaolin, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Magnolia Extract and Castor Oil, however it contains some ingredients that aren't ideal in skincare such as Alcohol Denatured, which can dry skin out.

Overall, it is a nice affordable mask that is very quick and easy to use and produces noticeable results with minimal effort so I would recommend it if you have oily skin and are looking for a softening and smoothing clay face mask that works fast.

Find the Nivea 1 Minute Urban Detox Mask in Savers and Wilko.


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