Imperial Leather Cherry Bomb Foamburst x Skinny Dip

Imperial Leather Cherry Bomb Foamburst x Skinny Dip shower foam

I’ve been interested in the new shower foam formats that have been popping up all over the shops, and when I saw the name (and new packaging) of the Imperial Leather Cherry Bomb Foamburst I couldn’t resist. The cherry  pattern and pink background looked cute and the thought of a cherry scented shower sounded great.

What I love about this product is that once you get the gel on your hand and start rubbing it, it lathers very nicely and more than quadruples in size, so you don’t need as much product (the bottle states it lasts for 40 showers).

What left me a bit confused was the scent - only when I first used it I realised it also mentioned vanilla, which is in fact the one that steals the show as I barely smelled any cherry blossom in there. Plus the mechanism is hard to work with one hand only, making it a struggle to get the gel out.

On a more positive note, it does what it says of transforming into a creamy lather that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. And it has an extra use as it not only cleanses but it can also be used for shaving.

Find Imperial Leather Cherry Bomb Foamburst x Skinny Dip in Superdrug and Tesco.


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