New in: July 2017

cactus bralette

A bit late, I know but August was cwazy (traveling, then having an operation and needing time to recover). At the end of July we travelled to Mexico to visit my family so most of the stuff you see here I got from there ;D

The cactus bralette is from pull & bear, a bargain at $49 pesos. A pack of washi tape from primark and a free lash curler that came with a magazine. 
Some gifts from my parents, including a set of towels, soap, 2 in 1 shampoo, and a hello kitty bottle. 
Then some food: pecan flavour soy milk, peanut powder, buttery pecan bars, breakfast oats and a hello kitty mug. 

Stocked up on refried beans, vegetarian chilorio and tamales, powdered iced tea drinks, poblano chili cream and cheese flavouring for pasta. Cheese Ruffles, Tostileo, some spicy lollipops, chipotle mayonnaise and a tortilla press. 

Of course, some stationery: hello kitty glittery gel pens, mini post it notes, hedgehog post it notes, and a mini sharpie from my mum. There was makeup on 4 for 2 offer in Soriana so I got 2 eyeliners and 2 mascaras (which is basically the only makeup I wear), vitacilina, rubbing alcohol for disinfecting makeup, castor oil, an ice cream toy and a cleansing oil sample. 

Dot got me Lolita and I got a scarf from H&M, some hematite, citrine and amethyst. And also my dream finally come true: I met a hedgehog, of course if there's no picture did it even happen? So I got one as a souvenir haha.


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