Long Weekend

Had a bit of a busy weekend, and I liked it haha. On Saturday we went to the town and looked in charity shops, didn't actually get anything from there but some "garment covers" from wilko to put away a couple of coats now that it is finally (kind of) sunny and warm. Then in the afternoon we went to play tennis at a local court, it was very hot and it felt like we weren't there for that long, probably up to an hour - oh and this time my muscles didn't ache for days, which is amazing. 

On Sunday we went to a car boot sale, I did see a couple of cute things but didn't get anything as I need time to think about whether I really want something or not, and by the time I make up my mind it is always too late. Then in the evening we had a barbecue at home with the family, on our new bbq that we assembled ourselves. We had just started cooking the first couple of burgers on it and it started raining, not just raining but pouring actually. By the time it stopped raining we had all finished eating our stove cooked sausages and burgers haha. And somehow the coals were still hot after all that rain. 

On Monday we went to the town again, and the parking was free because it was bank holiday. Didn't look in the charity shops this time but in the other stores in the town. I saw a really cute summery dressing gown in Primark and was looking for a juicer as I want to make my own version of Orangina but couldn't find a juicer that I liked. The only thing I got was a Botanics Hibiscus Toner from Boots. 

And that was it, an action packed 3-day weekend brought to you by spring. I wish every weekend was 3 days long. Did you have a nice bank holiday weekend?


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