Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator

Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator
Ages ago I won in a competition a Winter Facial set from Sanctuary Spa, which included miniatures of various products, including the Radiance Exfoliator. I started using it last year but only a couple of times, and more regularly about 2 months ago, and sadly I have now finished but have used it enough times to write about it. 

The Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator promises to instantly reveal a brighter completion with the use of ultra fine apricot granules & grape seed to exfoliate the skin, while pumpkin, pineapple & papaya extracts help to increase cell renewal to leave skin smooth and glowing with radiance.  

The first thing that I noticed when first using the Sanctuary Spa Radiance Exfoliator is that it has a light gel texture with medium exfoliating grains, which I don't mind the size of as long as they do their job, and when applying, the second thing I noticed was the smell of it, which is a bit woody with a hint of fruit, almost like tamarind and the look of chamoy sauce (which I like btw haha).

When I put it on my face I notice it slightly warms up, then I massage onto my skin and leave on for a few minutes to let the fruit acids exfoliate my skin even further. When I rinse the product off my skin feels clean, soft and smooth, but not dry or tight. Quite like this exfoliator and would actually purchase the full size for myself. 


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