MUA Nourish & Care Volume Mascara

MUA Nourish & Care Volume Mascara

Recently MUA came out with a new mascara, the Eye Define Nourish & Care Volume Mascara, which contains avocado oil and claims to encourage lash growth as well as give you volumized lashes. As it is only £4 I decided to get it to try it for myself. 

When I used this mascara for the first time I noticed that the formula isn't to dry nor too runny and it is very black, which I liked, it is also buildable so you can get some noticeable volume and a bit of length as well. On the downside it does flake after wearing it a couple of hours, it doesn't really smudge, and if it does you can easily wipe it off with your finger. Also if you are not careful, your lashes can end up the same thickness from root to tip, making them look spidery. The brush is very big, so applying on top lashes is easy but it can be a bit messy when using on the bottom ones. 

When I read the packaging, which lists the full ingredients, I noticed that it only contains 6.5 g of product, which is less than you normally get but because the tube is so big, it seems like you are getting more product, which is misleading. 

It is easy to take off with any remover and I have noticed that some of the lashes on the bottom outer corners of my eyes look a bit longer, which must be thanks to the use of Collagen, Biotin, Olive, Jojoba & Avocado Oil, Panthenol and Peptides in the formula.

If they improved the formula to make it flake-free, then it would probably be a favourite of mine, but for now I have been using it under a waterproof one to seal it and get the results I want. 

Find MUA Nourish & Care Volume Mascara in Superdrug. 


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