Nivea Q10 Energising Day Cream

Nivea Q10 Energising Day Cream

As I recently finished this cream, I better write about it before I forget what it was like ha! As usual, got this product as I was running out of my previous one, and since we were going into colder months decided to go for a creamier formula instead of a lotion.

The Nivea Q10 plus anti wrinkle Energising Day Cream claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles thanks to Creatine and Q10; and to reawaken the skin for a fresh, radiant look thanks to goji berry extract that reduces the signs of fatigue. It also helps protect against sun-induced wrinkles with its SPF 15 UVA & UVB. 

The Nivea Q10 Energising Day Cream has a light and creamy texture that gets absorbed into the skin quite fast, it does leave it looking a tiny bit on the shiny/glowy side but it's not overly greasy or uncomfortable to wear. I would probably get it again in the future but I won't give up looking for the perfect mattifying moisturiser for my oily skin. 


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