Lierac Luminescence the Best Serum Ever?

Lierac Luminescence Serum

A little while ago I purchased the Lierac Luminescence Serum as the one I was using ran out. I have a small dark spot under one of my eyes/around my cheekbone area and thought that this would be a good product to try and get rid of it, as it mentions that it helps reduce the appearance of dark spots and redness. 

As well as diminishing the look of pigment spots and redness, it also promises to help reactivate light reflection, refine skin texture and smooth and even out the skin, with the help of a unique combination of plant molecules (Siegesbeckia orientalis + Rabdosia rubescens + micro-alga) and botanical extract (Lens esculenta lentil seed extract). 

The packaging feels quite luxurious, with a heavy glass bottle and a dropper on the lid. The serum has a milky consistency and an iridescent look to it (which doesn't leave my oily skin looking shiny), as well as a strong smell which was very noticeable but I got used to it after using it a few times. 

I had only used the serum about 3 times and already started noticing a difference on my skin: the redness was visibly diminished, as well starting to fade old acne scars. I though maybe it was my imagination but every day I look in the mirror again my skin looks even better, which is amazing!

My skin tone looks less red, much more even and scars are so faint now, even older ones. And as of late I am noticing that my pores are starting to look smaller. As for the dark spot on my cheekbone? Sadly it's still there, so I don't think it fades dark spots as good as it does redness and acne marks. As I had many more scarring than dark spots, I don't mind it hasn't done much for it as my skin looks better than it has in years. 

I would definitely recommend the Lierac Luminescence Serum if you are trying to even out your skin tone and fade redness, pores and acne pigmentation, though if your main concern is dark spots, I'd look for something else.

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Have you tried this serum?


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