Garnier Micellar Rose Water

Garnier Micellar Rose Water

For my birthday last year Dot got me a few skincare bits and the Garnier Micellar Rose Water was one of them.

As we haven't been going out as much, I wasn't really wearing a lot makeup so didn't open this product until a couple of weeks ago (!). I have tried a few Garnier Micellar waters before and liked them, so ever since I saw that there was a rose version coming out, it had been on my skincare wish list as I love rose based and rose scented beauty products.

The Garnier Micellar Rose Water is designed for dull and sensitive skin, and promises to remove makeup, cleanse and add glow thanks to the use of Rose Water in the formula. As any other micellar water, it does not need rinsing off but I will still rinse any product off my eyelids and proceed to use my face cleanser.

At the end of the day I use the Garnier Micellar Rose Water to remove dirt, oil and the day's skincare products and it lightly cleanses without making my skin feel dry or tight, however I wouldn't rely on this as my only cleanser.

If I have been wearing makeup during the day I will use this micellar water to remove my eye makeup and any powder or tinted products I may have used on my eyes and face. It is gentle and does remove my eye makeup very effectively.

What I was most excited about was the scent, but that left me a bit disappointed as it is not as fresh and beautiful as I expected, it still smells of roses but rather a more powdery version, however it does not put me off using it or buying it again in the future.

Find the Garnier Micellar Rose Water at Look Fantastic and Superdrug.


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